Nigerian Movies on YouTube: How to Find Them Easily


YouTube is a very large ocean of videos for users and subscribers to watch online via a method termed ‘streaming’. YouTube is a platform that allows just streaming/watching of videos and the videos come in from every corners of the world. YouTube users extend well to around 1 Billion active users per month sharing and uploading Music videos, Trailers, HD Movies, Reality Shows, Episodes of various series, and so many other videos for active users and visitors to feed their eyes on.

Nigerian movies on YouTube run into millions of videos but with billions of videos in there, you almost might not be able to find the exact Nigerian video you’re searching for. So how does a Nigerian movie lover find the exact Nigerian video he/she needs amongst the ocean of videos?

YouTube, like many other sites and apps has a very sharp search engine. This is one saving grace on a site like YouTube and that is why it’s advised to always have a video of choice in mind before heading over to the site. Random visitors tend to spend a whole lot more time and money (data) stumbling from one video to the other, before finally stopping at one that seems more relevant and catches their fancy.

  • Log on to
  • Create an account (this is optional, since YouTube allows one watch desired videos without the hassle of registering. If you desire to save your searches, get recommendations and ultimately upload some videos yourself, then you can’t escape creating an account.)
  • Scroll up to where the search box is and enter a combination of similar phrase.

Phrases like: ‘Nigerian movies’ ‘Nollywood movies 2015’ ‘October 1st movie’ ‘Aki and Pawpaw movies’ ‘Desmond Elliot movies’.

  • What searching like that does is it brings out between 20 – 50 videos which are all search-related.
  • Almost always, the Nigerian movie you’re searching for would be among the exposed results.

Alternatively, you might want to subscribe to YouTube channels like Nollytube, iRokoTV, AfriNolly, and so on. Your subscription makes your search more streamlined. So if time is not on your hands and you just want to get straight to the movie,

  • Log on to
  • Click on create an account (this not optional since you can’t subscribe to YouTube Channels without a YouTube account.
  • Fill in the form, submit and verify your info via your e-mail.
  • Come back to YouTube and search for NollyTube, iROKOtv, Afrinolly, etc.
  • Click on any of the videos in the search result and check the top right corner.
  • The video poster should be one of the names you’ve searched for.
  • Beneath the video, simply click on subscribe and close the video.
  • Repeat for one or two other YouTube Channels and you’re goof to go.

Note: If you’re looking to download movies, again, YouTube is the wrong shop to enter because the platform is simply for watching movies and not downloading.

To reduce buffering hiccups that might annoy you while watching the Nigerian movie you just found, click on ‘play’ then almost immediately, click on ‘pause’ and leave it for about 5 – 10 minutes.


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