Laws of the Federation of Nigeria

The laws of The Federal republic of Nigeria are contained in the Nigerian Constitution. These laws are used in guiding the conduct of the Nigerian Government as well as its citizens.

Features and Development of the Nigerian Constitution

The Nigerian Constitution was first developed in 1960 upon gaining independence from Britain. The first constitution consisted of 154 sections and 11 chapters. When Nigeria became a republic in 1963, 5 new sections and 1 chapter was added to make it 159 sections and 12 chapters.

In 1999, when the military finally handed over to the democratic government, the constitution was revised again. And since then, there have been several revisions.

As a Nigerian, it is good to know and study the Nigerian laws so that you can understand your legal rights and entitlements. Although the Nigerian Constitution might be a bit complicated to understand for non-legal professionals, some of the ways to learn about the Nigerian laws in simple and plain language include-:

  • Visiting Legal Blogs in Nigeria.
  • Downloading Mobile Apps that focus on teaching Nigerians about its laws.
  • Purchasing relevant books and publications.
  • Learning from your friends who are legal professionals.
  • Studying the Nigerian Constitution regularly.


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