ICAN New Syllabus: How To Go About It

Ican LogoICAN is the acronym for The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. It is a professional accounting body in the West African sub region and its motto is “Accuracy and Integrity”. ICAN was established in 1965 to determine what standards of knowledge and skill are to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the accountancy profession and to raise those standards from time to time

The syllabus for the ICAN examinations can be gotten from the ICAN website where you can also find other information such as its requirements, examination dates, members, news letters, press releases and more.

Steps To View/Download ICAN’s New Syllabus:

1. With an Internet enabled computer or phone open ICAN’s Website on http://www.icanig.org/ican/index.php

2. In the Students Section click on “ICAN Professional Examination Syllabus” as shown in the image below circled in red.

Ican New Syllabus
3. It would open the ICAN Syllabus in a PDF format.

4. If you wish to download ICAN’s New Syllabus then right click on the link as shown in the image above circled in red and click on “Save Link AS”

5. Click on SAVE and locate the path it was downloaded to on your computer.

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