How to Watch Nigerian (Nollywood) Movies Online

Nigerian movies are one of the fastest growing categories of movies in the world. Names like Kate Henshaw, Rita Dominic, Ramsey Noah, Genevieve Nnaji, Chinedu Ikedieze, Jim Iyke, (Aki) & Osita Iheme (Pawpaw), would never go without ringing a bell in the ears of both movie watchers and non-watchers and more money are being invested to make the Nollywood movie industry more glamorous.

For every Nollywood lovers, we know your dream is to watch your favourite Nollywood movies online on Either to enjoy the feel for those at home or to have a feeling of home for those abroad, here are five sites to help you achieve your online streaming goal from the comfort of your internet enabled Computer or TV.


Dobox is an Entertainment On Delivery (EOD) portal. The site has a very friendly and welcoming User Interface and the categories are just too vast. From Trailers, sneak peeks, to the main stack of various Nigerian movies. Using this site to stream your movies doesn’t necessary mean you have to register to stream from their site. It’s really nice if you ask me or you can visit



Nollytube is one of the popular movie streaming sites that allow users stream their favourite movies and do so with the option of download. In case you change your mind at the last minute. Nollytube also has a YouTube channel so users can quickly locate their favourite movies and begin streaming.



Yes, I know this list would be crap without mentioning the mega iRokoTV. The online platform allows you stream for free and pay for the ones that has a tag on it. iRokoTV requires you to register first before using their site but hey, who care when you have over six thousand movies to choose from.



Wura TV is also an EOD site focuse mainly on African and Latino movies. Yes, the original telemundo ones. WuraTV has it all, from movies that are just showing at the cinemas, to old ones. Trailers, sneak peeks and even BTS for some movies (BTS means Behind The Scenes). Not too popular and not too streamlined, you can’t use WuraTV without signing up first.



I think what made IbakaTV very popular is the free movies; more than even the friendly user interface. Ibaka TV is online platform that allows users stream the latest nigrian movies online. Trailers and music videos are also not left out. The site’s design is also friendly without too many hassles before use. IbakaTV is one of the most widely used sites on this list.


Note: Kindly note that to stream movies online, you need to have quite a large chunk of internet data on your internet modem or Wi-Fi as online streaming consumes a lot of data.

Also, free movies on any of the sites listed above means you don’t have to rent it. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can download it as most of the sites listed are online “watching” platforms and not meant to be saved.

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