How to Register a Marriage in Nigeria


Marriage is usually an occasion that is witnessed by the family, friends and according to civil law.

Marriage is usually registered at a registry and this can be found in all the states in Nigeria. Here is a guide on how to register a marriage in Nigeria.

1. Filing of marriage notice

  • This involves filling a form called the Notice Form or Form A and it captures your personal details with two coloured passport photographs and a letter of consent attached for minors from their parents.
  • The registry then displays the Notice Form on a notice board at the registry for 21 days.
  • Thereafter, provided the following criteria are met, another form called the Form C is issued by the registrar:
    • That one of the parties has been resident within the district in which the marriage will take place.
    • Absence of any lawful hindrance to the wedding.
    • That either of the two parties is not married to someone else under customary law.
    • Evidence of consent in the case of minors.
    • A divorcee must produce a divorce certificate, while a widow or a widower is required to present the death certificate of the late spouse.
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2. Taking of Oath

  • This involves the swearing an affidavit before the registrar or recognized minister of religion.
  • The penalties involved in case of a bridge of the marriage are then explained to the couple.
  • The registrar then signs the affidavit as a symbol of the oath taking.
  • The minister then issues a certificate and grants license by way of a form called Form D which grants permission to the couple to celebrate their union.
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3. Marriage celebration

A date for the marriage celebration is then chosen by the couple and it must be within three months of placing the notice at the registry.

Both parties as well the officiating minister and two witnesses will then sign the marriage certificate and the Registrar registers the marriage in the Marriage Register Book.

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  1. Levi cullen

    How much does it cost for a marriage certificate in Nigeria.I have been quoted £350 plus £30 signing charge it this the right price

  2. Sanni Olawunmi

    Hello… Pls how can I register my marriage, I got married on June 4, 2016 and I was given something like scratch card and was asked to pay the sum of 2,000. Don’t know how to go about it.

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