How to Prepare for a Wedding in Nigeria


Your wedding is probably the most important event in your life.

So you should hire Myrtle Beach Simply Wedding Day for arranging the best wedding.

For most people this happens once in a life time except in some cases.

Your wedding should be memorable and the moments shared treasured forever.

Wedding ceremonies come in different styles in Nigeria.

Let us delve into how to prepare for a wedding in Nigeria.

Setting the Date

The moment you decide to get married you need to pick a date for the wedding.

This is usually a formal affair and it involves visits from the grooms’ family to the brides’ family where a suitable date for this big day is chosen.

Make a Pre-wedding Checklist

When you decide to get married it is a good idea to start planning early. You can start planning at least 6 months ahead so that you don’t have to rush things.

You can make use family and friends to help you out but, make sure you assign a specific task or tasks to a specific person and be sure to follow up on their progress.

Don’t just say “help me do this” rather tell them when you want it to be done and how, as well a “plan B” in case the first option is no longer feasible.

There are a couple of things that should be on your checklist. These are:

  • Venue for the wedding
  • An estimate of the number guests
  • Catering services for the guests
  • Decorations for the wedding reception
  • Photographer/D.J. to cover the event
  • Wedding card design and printing
  • Souvenirs for guests
  • Colour theme for the day
  • Seamstress for your clothes(wedding gown, wedding suit, traditional dress and so on)
  • Stylist/ Makeup artist
  • Jewelry (such as rings, set of jewelry for the brides traditional wear)

Determine Your Budget

Weddings can sometimes become financially draining if not well planned.

The next step in your plan after the checklist is to determine what your budget will be and then itemize what you need for the event.

Once you have a budget you can allocate budgeted costs on each item.

This will guide you and help you stay on track so you don’t run into financial crisis.

There is also a need to decide who pays for what. This can be discussed between you and your partner as well as your family and friends.

Sometimes, friends and family can volunteer to take up responsibility for some things. When this happens it will help to know early enough so that you can redirect the funds for something else.

Come Up With A Theme /Tone For The Wedding

Here, you need to decide on the theme for your wedding. Your wedding can be formal or casual.

It is best to discuss with your partner and also think of weddings you attended that you loved.

At this stage you can also come up with a set of colours that will be the theme for the day to make your wedding colourful.

Finally, remember to delegate and follow up don’t stress yourself too much especially when the D-day is fast approaching. As long as you have everything well planned, everything will go on smoothly.


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