How To Make Afang or Okazi Soup


The afang soup, one of Africa’s most delicious soup is peculiar to people in the southern part of Nigeria, especially the Efiks and ibibios in Akwa Ibom and Cross River state.

How To Make Afang or Okazi Soup

The main ingredient in the soup is the afang leave, called the Gnetum africana which can be eaten raw in “Ugba”, the popular African salad prepared by the Igbos. It is usually blended with water leaves.

It is important to note that the soup is called the Okazi Soup by the Igbos and it is very rich in protein, fibre and vitamins.

Ingredients For Afang Soup

1. The Afang leaves……….. Dry or fresh

2. Water leaves

3. Dry Fish

4. CrayFish

5. Beef, chicken goat meat etc.( You might also want to try it with cow leg or tail)

6. Grounded fresh pepper.

7. Palm oil

8. Onion (Too much of this will give it a different taste)

9. Kpomo/Cow skin

10. Seasoning

11. Salt

Steps To Preparing Afang Soup

Wash both leaves well but separately. Then slice them into tiny pieces on your cutting board and keep in separate bowls or containers.

Soak the dry fish in warm salt water.

Then turn the Afang leaves into a mortal and pound into paste.

Now boil the meat with seasoning and onion in water not above it in the cooking pot. If you use the cow leg or tail, boil first for 10minutes before you add others.

Cover the cooking pot to cook well till tender while you wash your dry fish clean.

You can now add the dry fish and kpomo to the boiling meat and cook for 5-7 minutes.

Check to add more water if necessary.

Its now time to add the palm oil, crayfish and pepper.

Allow to cook well till the palm oil blends with the stocks.

Add water leave and Afang leaves.

Add Maggi cubes, neatly chopped onions and salt to taste.

Now cook for 10 minutes.

….And Your Afang Soup Is Ready


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