Ghanaian Movies: How to Download Ghallywood Movies Online


Rewind back to a couple years ago, Ghanian movies we underdogs kept under ground. The upsurge of Ghanian movies with strategically placed controversial scenes (which paid off) could be said to be a very well thought out game plan.

The decision for the giants Nollywood movie industry to inter-act with Ghallywood movie industry would never be forgotten in Ghana and in Ghallywood. The mix brought to limelight names like Nadia Buhari, Jackie Appiah, Martha Ankomah, Frank Artus, Van Vicker John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, and of course, Majid Micheal.

Without letting digression set in, here are some sites, for Ghally-holics to download Ghallywood movies for free. There are a lot of wapka sites that allow downloads but only the safe ones are listed.

Nollywood Movies

Nollywood movies have a whole wide range of Ghanaian movies and you well arranged too. Their files are self-hosted and there’s no need to register before downloading your favourite movies on their site.


Ghana Movies

This site is like a third-party download site with links and boldly written disclaimer. It serves the purpose of channelling you to the links of other sites that would most likely have the Ghallywood movie you’re searching for.

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Note: A few links on this sites leads to unsafe download sites.

Naija Pals

Naija Pals host quite a number of Ghanaian movies and you can download and share them. The downloadable files are self-hosted (most, if not all) and that makes one download without the fear of opening the window for a host of file leeching viruses.


Loaded Baze

Loaded Baze is a popular wapka site and one of the safest. With over seven hundred thousand users, and a very wide shelf for Ghallywood movies, this mobile site is set to leave you roaming and probably downloading more movies than you originally planned for.


Naija Wapaz

When a wapka site has download speed as fast as niajawapaz, you sure would want to check back and probably bookmark the site. Naija wapaz has a packed ghallywood movie self but they are poorly arranged. So the search box comes very much in handy on this site. They also have a lot of distracting redirect issues of late.

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Ghana Movies

Ghana Movies Site gives you the option to either watch or download your ghanian movie of choice. Users don’t have to register to use Ghana movies and their files download are secure. Although, if you’re one for fast downloads, this sites download speed can test your patience sometimes.



Naij is a popular news site in Nigeria and their entertainment and movie download section gives Ghallywood movie lovers a few movies to choose from. Their movies shelf is a bit scanty but the files are self-hosted. Download speed is also fast.


9ja Zones

You might know UnityMobiles or 9jazones; we are still talking about the same wapka site. 9jazones have a packed movie shelf and their ghallywood movie collection is no trash. They allow users download movies without the hassle of registration and they host some of the fastest download speeds on wapka sites.


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