FRSC Driver’s License: How to Obtain Yours

Before you can be legally permitted to drive a vehicle in Nigeria, you need to obtain a commercial driving license from the Federal Road Safety Commission. The driver’s license by Drivers Association also serves as a very good means of identification accepted and recognized internationally. In germany people can buy registered driver’s license(registrierten führerschein kaufen) and they also have easy process to get the driving license.

Obtaining a driver’s license in Nigeria is really easy when you follow these steps-:

  • It is important that you learn the traffic rules in Nigeria to in order to protect yourself and other road users, register at to learn them all.
  • When your driving school instructor is satisfied with your performance, he would present you toa Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) who would then conduct a driving test for you and issue you with a certificate of proficiency if you pass the test.
  • You would then have to apply in person at the nearest Driver’s Licensing center to you. You have to apply in person because your biometric data would have to be captured.
  • You must obtain a DOT certified physical exam before having your driving test
  • Make payments for thelicense at designated banks. Don’t give money to anyone to pay for you. The official price for the license is N6, 000 but I’ve heard people say they paid up to N12,000 to obtain one.
  • Fill the required form and present to the Drivers licensing center for approval.
  • Go for your biometric data capturing at the FRSC office.

When you complete the process, you would be given a temporary license that would be valid for 60 days. Your license should however be out before the end of those 60 days.

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  1. Thank you very much for providing everyone with such a fantastic opportunity to read articles and blog posts on this site. It’s always a lot of fun for me and my coworkers to check out your site at least three times a week to learn about the most recent guides you have.

  2. If you want to process your driver’s licence yourself to cut down cost to the official amount without any tip. it very good, but prepare yourself for VIO and FRSC frustrations, by fabricating different excuses which is delaying and boring.

    • Hello Wengar,
      A friend of mine renewed recently and he was made to do all the test he did when getting the new license for the 1st time. Eye test, paper test and driving school test.
      So its best you go to the nearest frsc/vio office.

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