Free Hosting For Nigerians: How to Host a Website for Free


Free web hosting is a situation where a host and website owner exchange services without any sort of payment. What I am saying is that free web hosting allows you the luxury of having a website online without all the monthly payments involved.

Although at this point, I must tell you that there are two basic types of webhosting you can be involved in. They are free web hosting and paid web hosting. Each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. I have discovered over the years that many of us love anything that is free.

Some Features of Free WebHosting

Oh lest I forget, I have one of my website on a free host and it limits what I want to do with it. Moving on now, I host my websites with paid hosting except 1 still on a free web host. So this article will help you familiarize yourself with what you should expect on a free web hosting service. There are so many thing that can be done on a free host which i have listed most from my experience below.

  • You can host your website
  • You can add scripts like WordPress on it
  • You are given a limited bandwidth
  • You are given limited file space

What You Cannot do With a Free Webhost

  • You cannot rent it out
  • You cannot upload heavy files
  • You cannot use your own ads (some do allow ads)
  • You cannot use ftp access (some do allow limited ftp)
  • You cannot use more space than given

And many other things as listed by the provider as different free web hosting companies offer different services and have different features.

Tip: I prefer a webhost that has an option to upgrade a to paid hosting plan. The reason why I do this is that for any reason your website becomes successful and starts gaining traffic you would need to expand to accommodate more traffic and your limited free webhost would no longer be enough for you so instead of migrating away to another host which is time consuming and a little stressful, just upgrade with the same Web Hosting company.

Use this to your advantage when you are seeking for a free webhosting company. Ensure that they do have paid plans too. I have listed some below so you still have to check them out.

Another thing to consider when seeking for free webhosting is the allocated resources given to you. Do not plan to use more than you are given. If you are given gigabyte space then ensure your websites does not exceed the allocated resources. After sometime, if you are satisfied with the free webhosting, you may now switch to a paid plan like i explained earlier.

List of 10 Free Hosting Companies/Sites For Nigerians


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