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You do not need to be a guru to earn from Forex trading. Yes, you do not need to even understand how to trade Forex at all before you can make real cool money from Forex. All you have got to do is link up with Forex signal providers and they will help you make tons of money in Forex trading.


In this write-up, you will learn about a number of Forex signal providers you can benefit from. You can also register with them right here in Nigeria and benefit from their services unhindered.

They offer some of the best Forex signal services to their clients.  They are regulated by MyFxbook public results.  They provide Forex signals real time.  Their signals are delivered via SMS service and emails.  They provider 2 weekly live trading sessions and their price is reasonable

They offer some of the best Forex signal services around.  Their subscribers and users have never been disappointed so far.  Their signals have 80 to 85% profitability.

The signals are very easy to follow.  You only need to visit their website and easily access the signals.  They charge you nothing for the signals services if you decide to receive the signals through email alerts.

This is yet another reliable Forex signal service provider and you can benefit from their services, even if you are registering from Nigeria. They have been operating since 2003.

They send the signals to your mobile phone through SMS and you can also receive signals through email.  Their signals are delivered daily and they are accurate. The signals they provider are 100% mechanical.

They provide both free trail and paid services. They include Stop Loss with the signals they provide. Their Stop Loss setting never goes beyond 200 pips.  The signals they provide are never via scalping or Martingale strategy. Consequently, there is high chance of making good profit by following the signals.

If you are a small time investor in Forex market, you will find this signal provider to be the best for you.  You can subscribe for their signal services and obtain such highly profitable signals via their software platform. The software gives instant signals and is adaptable on MT4 platforms. It can also trade automatically on behalf of the trader.

They charge their clients $4.95 for their signal services.  They are among the fastest growing Forex signal service providers online today.  They provide online chat services to their clients too.

With the signals they provide, you can start making money in Forex trading from day one. Virtually anyone can make money in Forex market with the kind of help provided by this outlet.

Aside providing signal services, hey equally provide information on how to trade better. They teach their subscribers how to find the best currency pair to trade and the best time to trade such currency pair.

They provide audible alerts and email alerts to their subscribers.  Their interface is equally user-friendly. They give quick overview of the trends too. They charge their clients $3 per week.

On this website, you will be shown exactly when to buy and when to sell in the Forex market. The results obtained so far is great too.  This signals services are handled by senior Forex traders, who have great experience in Forex trading.

With this signal provider, you can benefit for free today and start making money in Forex trading without any delay whatsoever.  They presently have more than 7,000 members and more than 22,000 pips have been made already. They charge $97 for their services.

BlackedgeFX is yet another leading Forex signal outlet with many years of experience. They charge their subscribers $4.95. They are the best to partner with if you are looking for big profit in Forex trading.

They offer signals based on intra-day trading, day trading as well as Forex scalping strategy. Their signals are accurate. You can receive these signals via audible signals, email and visuals. The charts are also very easy to understand.

They charge their subscribers $84. They make Forex trading very easy via their highly profitable and easy to follow Forex trading signals.  They make Forex profit piece of cake for their subscribers.

They have good knowledge of future price movement in advance and can use their knowledge to improve on your profitability. You can use their daily analysis to generate huge profit with scalping.

They charge their subscribers $80. They assure their subscribers of constant Forex trading profit.  They accurately predict future market movement and have developed a trading system that offers no loses and zero false signals. They are able to tell you exactly when to buy or sell. They will also inform you on when not to trade in the fore market.

They charge their subscribers $99. You can drive your charts to generate huge profit using this software called RenkoStreet V2.0.  The software is very light and also very easy to follow. There is no better way to improve on Forex trading confidence than this. They are able to provide signals on virtually all currency pairs.

They are experts in Forex signal services. The system they use has been able to generate more than 7,000 pips in just 8 months. All you have to do is to copy the trades they make available.

You are sure of making huge number of pips in profit every month.  Their signals can be sent to you via mobile app and via email. If you are looking for a way to make Forex trading profitable, this is the outlet to patronize.  They charge their subscribers $99.

They provide free Forex strategies for anyone interested. The system is very easy to follow. It will tell you when to buy or sell and also tell you when to exit the market. The signals service is highly reliable and you can follow it hassle-free.

The platform is very easy to use and also easy to understand. With this trading strategy, you can escape the trap of false breakout and profit from true breakouts.






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  1. As a Nigerian resident in Nigeria, which two of these will you recommend for me. I want the ones whose signals comes with TP and SL. they must be good with intra-day, whether paid or free. Thanks

  2. Thank you sir for this great informations you have provided me on fx signal providers, sir, let me ask you this question, which of this one or two providers would you recommend for me, they are many and i dont know which to pick, because my experience is not much on forex. Thank you.

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