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Are you an aspiring webmaster that needs an opportunity to launch your website online? Looking for the best web hosting companies in Nigeria is not truly easy as one may think. I have been thinking of these lately and of a truth there are so many things that makes a company to be called the best. Sometimes they are usually minor things that one may not count. What I am trying to say here is that these little things means a lot.

Before i go on to talk about them i would like to clarify to readers or potential clients that this article is not a paid review but the opinion of a neutral webmaster(myself).

A lot of web hosting companies in Nigeria will come online and claim to be the best and that we should patronize them. Sometimes, they deceive us with a fine look and feel of their website. Forget about the website looks and pay more importance to efficiency.

The best web hosting companies out there do not make much fuss or noise as they rely on satisfied clients to refer other clients to them and I have personally used about four to five web hosting companies in Nigeria.

I have not used all of them but mention the best five and I have used three of them. So this article takes into account my experience

There are many things that you put into consideration when seeking for the best web hosting companies which i have listed below.

  • We have to check the disk space.
  • We need to see the bandwidth
  • We need to see the memory
  • We need to check satisfied customers reviews
  • We need to check the non-satisfied customers reviews
  • We need to see how efficiently and quickly they resolve problems.

Will I say that am tired of Nigerian web hosting companies? Of course not but it has never been all good with me as even the foreign web hosting companies also have their down sides.

One of the worst i used had nothing good to write about. I mean after I paid, they deactivated my account after a week of payment without notifying me. The reason given was that I was spamming with email. I told them the truth that it was a script I installed and never knew that would happen. They later asked me to buy another plan which costs more than what i was willing to pay for before they would reactivate me. Can you believe?

That’s why I have ported to foreign host for good. But I have a good Nigerian host that I really enjoyed and they are still the best so far.


They have been operating for some years now, they are open and easy to follow. Some of their plans are discussed below.

Syskay, have been in operation in Nigeria since 2006. I found out about them in 2008. Whatsoever affects Hostgator affects them. What I mean is that they are re-sellers of Hostgator hosting company. So you are getting the best if you understand me as Hostgator is one of the Best out there in the world. They offer a bandwidth of 5 GB to 20 GB depending on the plan or package you want to buy. The prices range from N6,000–20,000.

Other Features of the Best Hosting Company in Nigeria Include

  • FREE Domain Registration
  • Apache/IIS Server
  • Fantastico

And many more features

You can pay with any payment method that is comfortable as stated on their website.

So you see that getting the best webhosting company in Nigeria after several trials is never easy but you will like some of them.

If you have other suggestions, you may share in the comment box provided below.

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