Airtel Nigeria Website

Airtel Nigeria is one of the telecommunication giants in Nigeria with millions of subscribers.

The official website of Airtel Nigeria is

The website is mobile friendly so that you can access it easily, using your mobile phones and tablets.

On Airtel website, you can recharge your Airtel line, contact customer care in case of enquiries or forproblem resolutions, view Airtel’s value added services like Infotainment, Music, Lifestyle,News, Sports, Utilities and Inspirational Apps.

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You can also learn more about Airtel’s phone services, business support services as well as personal services.

The website also has a career page where you can learn about existing vacancies and apply for jobs.

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  1. Otota, L. E.

    Dear Airtel, pls carefully consider what I here present – it is v tot-provocing! My phone no. is 08023331698. B4 the 1st of Jan. 2018, I had over N2000 in my account. But, on that 1st day of Jan. 2018 (whl ur system just informed me that my data account still have some days) there was a double notification of simultaneous recharge of 2G & 3G data & my account went flat! I ask, ‘why do you tamper with my ? without my due authorisation? Why? To worsen matters, you have d gut to send me a notification that the balance on my account is not enough to renew my data subscription & that I should recharge! Imagine… This sort of thing has happened before & I wrote to WARN you never to try such again. Now, this is a repeat. Please, let this be the v last time. I expect you to reverse d deductions outright, & let me authorise you personally. I am bitter!

  2. trisher

    How can i call customer service with my airtel line and i am being charged for it. You guys are are thiefs, i recharged and you deducted my money twice because i borrowed credit. Why and i cannot get through to you

  3. Michael Gbogboade

    Hello Airtel. Why do you deduct money from my account after every Recharge for what I did not subscribe to. Even when I unsubscribe you still continue to deduct anytime I recharge. Please unsubscribe me from minight start service. also make available a line for general complain. Your customer care line should be flexible. Failure to amend these anomalies will force me to lodge a complain with NCC. Thanks

  4. Samson

    Am rili nt happi wit dis airtel stuff
    i dnt wonna trow insult nt bcos i dnt knw hw to-imagine i recharge 200 card ystday n was bonus 400 nw throu dat yestday ias de bonus i was using– today i cnt fine de 200 on my main acct–to God if dis persis i wik av no option dn to keep de sim apart oo ha!
    Dis tin is stealing by tricks oo

  5. Mrs Isaac

    you people are very very stupid, how can I be a using a small phone that can’t even browse but you remove #25 from my account balance weekly, for more than a month now. Airtel is very stupid, you’re paying your workers from the money you stole from the customers. Your useless customer care agents will always reject the call whenever it starts ringing, if they don’t reject they will never pick calls, I wonder what they do. Like Network, like Workers.
    Co operate criminals!!!!

  6. skull

    u pple are wicked diz days like mtn …I tout u pple came to help us via DAT 300 naira subscription…. DAT we can download anything BT nw u pple turns out to b wicked. alright we gonna switch over to glo and subscribe wit 400 for 400 naira credit and 300mb.

  7. emmanuel bishop

    I have a proposal 2 make; on the 13th of november 2015 I will b hosting a program were there will be at least minimum of 300 youth sited nd maximum 500 pple. I want u 2 come nd dispay what u have. It’s a gospel show. If u r intrested pls send me a msg on my email or do me an sms @ 08093375112

  8. Nnanna Chukwudike

    Airtel thief network criminal network u ppl should return my money back or God will destroy ur network

    1. Nnanna Chukwudike

      my number is 08023326730

  9. Nnanna Chukwudike

    u ppl are mad I have subscribe before and I try to log in and I have some money left on my phone and d whole money just go off like that u ppl are thief God will punish u ppl one by one criminals

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