Access Bank Mobile Banking APP: How to get started

Access Bank Nigeria PLC has a mobile banking platform that you can use to perform basic banking transactions conveniently using your mobile phone.  The APP not only saves you a lot of time, it’s also very secure and fast.

You can use the Access Bank Mobile Banking App if you use any of thes phones; Blackberry, iPhone or Android.

There are two types of Mobile Banking Platforms for Access Bank Customers;

Mobile Banking Classic: This service is available to users of Blackberry, iPhone or Android devices, as well as those who have Java enabled devices.

To get this app, all you need to so is to visit the App store for your category of device to download the Access Bank Mobile Banking App. For instance, if you use a Blackberry device, you would have to visit the Blackberry World App Store to download the App for free. The same thing applies to users of Android and iphones.

But for a Java-enabled phone, you would have to send a text with the words “D AM” to 20220 so that you would be able to download and start using the App on your phone.

Mobile Banking Premium: As for the Mobile Banking Premium, you can also download it on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry devices but it comes with some premium features that are not available on the Mobile Banking Classic. Features like;

  • Confirming beneficiaries of fund transfer.
  • Transacting business worth N200, 000 to N2million daily.
  • Purchasing airline tickets.
  • Management Cheque booklets.
  • Airtime top-up and several other unique features.

When you are done downloading the APP, you can register to start using the Access Bank internet banking platform on the banks website

You would be provided with a registration form to fill to create your personal log in details.

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