10 Best PR Companies in Nigeria

You never should underestimate the importance of PR as an organization. However, there are many mediocre firms in Nigeria masquerading as specialists in the PR space.

We evaluated scores of PR companies in the country and based on factors such as track record and expertise, we were able to distill in no order, these 10 companies from the lot.

  1. Absolute PR

With clients like Access bank, Ecobank and Pepsodent, Absolute PR is certainly one of the major PR firms in the country.

The company is known for their excellent strategy, unique creativity and superb project execution.

Founded in 2009, Absolute PR is made up of team of experienced professionals in the media industry. The team at Absolute PR has successfully executed over 100 projects since inception.

The vision of Absolute PR is to become the most understanding, most creative and most disciplined brand when it comes to the media and PR practice.

Overall, their services are:

  • Health PR
  • Media Relations
  • Branding and
  • Communication
  1. Brooks and Blake

With a company culture that is built on hardwork and professionalism, Brooks and Blake has grown over the years to become one of the top PR firms in Nigeria.

They are known to approach their client needs in an innovative manner which has led to the design and implementation of bespoke communication plans.

Over the years, Brooks and Blake have been recognized as one of the best PR firms. The company was awarded as the Best PR agency in 2015. They were also awarded the best PR agency of the year by Marketing Edge in 2016.

Their services include:

  • Perception Management
  • Perception Audit
  • Strategic Brand Corporate PR and
  • Events Management
  1. Alder Consulting

Founded by Leke Alder in 1996, Alder Consulting has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the foremost branding and PR firms in the country.

Some of the popular branding projects include: Heart of Africa Project, Enterprise 500, Governance 500 and Connex Node.

Connex Node is their most current project and it is focused on three core areas: ideas, strategy and brand experience.

Overall, their services include:

  • Strategy
  • News Media
  • Traditional Media
  • Design and
  • Web

Alder Consulting has worked with notable companies in the different sectors of the economy. Some of these companies include: Access Bank, Custodian Group, GTBank, EcoBank, First Bank, NYSC, Cornerstone Insurance and Deloitte.

  1. Sesema

Sesema has been a major force to be reckoned within the Nigerian Media Landscape. The company offers bespoke promotional services which have added commercial value to their client’s business.

Sesema is located in Maryland, Lagos State however they have clients spread across the country. Some of these include:

  • MTN
  • Visa
  • Phillips
  • Letshego
  • Mall 4 Africa
  • The Insider
  • Breach & Buckler and many more

In 2009, Sesema was awarded as the best PR practice in the country by Lagos State University.

With over 100 happy clients, Sesema is definitely a major PR firm in the country.

  1. Quadrant MSL Group

Quadrant is known as the most effective social and digital workforce in Nigeria’s PR industry.

As a matter of fact, Quadrant is one of the most structured PR consulting firm in the country

The company is located in Ikeja, Lagos and some of their services include:

  • Online Analytics
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Policy Development
  • Social Conversation and Trends
  • Viral Content
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App and Development
  1. Media Panache Nigeria

Media Panache has a team of young PR experts that have consistently produced outstanding results for their clients.

Founded by Timilehin Bello with a vision to produce unique PR services, the company has consistently provided bespoke PR services since its inception.

Their services include:

  • Annual PR
  • Content creation
  • Press conference
  • Community relations
  • Product launch
  • Influencer engagement
  • Research and monitoring
  • Social media management
  • Communication strategy
  • Media relations and
  • Crisis management
  1. V+O Nigeria

With over 130 employees and more than 100 loyal clients, V+O Nigeria is one of the top PR firms in the country.

They have been known to partner with non-governmental organization, government parastatals and private instituations both at the local and international levels.

Located in Victoria Island in Lagos, V+O Nigeria cater for a wide range of clients all over the country. Some of these clients include:

  • Heritage Bank
  • Nigeria Bottling Company
  • Leventis Foods Ltd
  • Lagos International Badminton

And their services include:

  • Brand marketing and communication
  • Corporate communications
  • Digital communication
  • Financial communication
  • Intelligence and analysis
  • Public affairs
  1. Zebra Stripes Network

Founded in 2013 by Nike Fagbule, Zebra Stripes Networks is a full service PR and communications company that has grown in rapid bursts in the last few years to become one of the foremost companies in the media and PR space.

Their services include:

  • Consultation services
  • Digital communication services
  • Outdoor activation services
  • Public relation services
  • Reputation management services

Their goal is to become the most creative and persuasive PR company in Africa and their rapid growth since their inception has shown that they are well on their way to achieving that goal. As matter of fact, they have moved quite rapidly in the last 3 years completing over 100 projects.

  1. Wildflower PR

Wildflower is a full service PR agency that has well known in the PR space and among clients as a major PR firm.

They are known to provide innovative solutions as well as proven result oriented methods to address clients’ goals.

The company has been involved in strategic campaigns in the areas of personal publicity, entertainment PR, news media PR, specialized corporate communications and reputation management.

  1. Blackhouse Media

Founded by Nigerian showbiz journalist, Ayeni Adekunle, Blackhouse Media is another reputable PR company in Nigeria. However, they are focused on publicity consultancy that is tailored to people in the showbiz and entertainment industry.

The company was initially called A.Y.E.N.I Entertainment when it was founded in 2006 but has since rebranded to become BlackHouse Media.

Blackhouse Media provides PR, media relations, advocacy, perception management and marketing communications. Over the years, their clientele base has grown into other sectors such as the finance, telecomms, ICT and education industries.


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