The Most Expensive House in Nigeria: Pictures and Details

While there are many expensive houses in the country, one particular house has been attracting attention for some time now. And it’s been rumored to be the most expensive house in Nigeria.

The house, belonging to Okwudili Umenyiora, is obviously a product of rare architectural expertise and creativity. The house is located at Lekki Phase One (Oniru New Market), Lagos.

The house took about four years to complete and gulped a huge fortune estimated to be about $10 million. If that’s the real cost, then it might not be the most expensive house in Nigeria, but it remains one of the most expensive, most sophisticated, and most beautiful.

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Some of the house’s fascinating features include floor televisions, indoor swimming pools, elevators to the fourth floor, and a garage with amazing decor and vehicles. The house was completed in late 2013.

The house is being maintained by five housekeepers, among who is a Philippine woman.

The owner of the house, Okwudili Umenyiora (aka Mr Dilly) is the CEO of Dilly Motors.

Pictures of the house

Outside view of the house


One of the sides of the house

One of the sides of the house


One of the sitting rooms in the house

One of the sitting rooms in the house


Exterior swimming pool

Exterior swimming pool


Interior swimming pool

Interior swimming pool


Exterior garage

Exterior garage


The elevator

The elevator


One of the floor TVs

One of the floor TVs


One of the owner's cars: a customized Lamborghini

One of the owner’s cars: a customized Lamborghini


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Now, what do you think about this house? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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  1. Dani Reb-boss

    wow.dat building is xo excellent, so beautiful

  2. Kelvin

    Sir am so happy fr u. I dnt understand z dat a house or one of d heaven or wat i wish ma house will me lyk dat or more dan dat, God remember me too…………. :* ­čśÄ :/ nice heaven or house am so happy to see dat house,,,,,,,,,,, sir………..sir………sir God wll bless u again

  3. Victor ejiofor

    Nice home ,not just a house.


    wow this is the hand made of God in a mans life, Bible says explore the Earth and think of HEAVEN…….THIS IS HEAVEN ON EARTH BUILDING…….I PRAY 4 long life and good health for you sir, I connect my heavenly reahm to deliver my own IN Jesus name……..chess……remain blessed.

  5. It’s in Oniru, across from Lekki Phase 1, off New Market Road, near the new Ebeano.

  6. ehis

    Have u seen the house if the gov of edo state adams aliyu oshiomile

  7. emem morrison

    Wow what a beautiful and amazing finishing may the almighty God protect and guard u to enjoy ur wealth sir.

  8. Akanji T

    Wow dis is magnificent i pray d owner live long to enjoy his beautiful home, i pray am d next to biuld such historic house like dat

  9. Awagh Destiny

    This is great.

  10. Gilbert

    What a beautiful house? Sir u are really blessed by God and may he continue his good work he has started in your life; also may such good house come to my way in Jesus name. Amen

  11. samuel brown

    wow dis is so lovely, but sir if you can see this. its been a while we have seen youat ROLLING GLOBAL. we have new stock. tanx

  12. Uchebosanti

    I wish d owner was my blood

  13. Jakes

    Obviously I Know It’s Baba God Almighty That’s Blessing People With This Wonderful & Beautiful Houses In TownS. God Please Due Turn To My Project So That The World At Large Will Hear And Believe In U More Than Ever/Before. ThankS For Ur Goodness And Protection Over My Life, Amen. God U’re Truly God, For This I’ll Start Going To Church From Now On!!!

  14. Bamijoko Taiwo

    Its a great privilege for the owner,this is more than just house rather paradise.,may GOd bless me too

  15. JayJay

    Wonderful edifice! If a worldly crib is like this, I wonder how PARADISE which is the ultimate will look like. Paradise, a place and environment built/coated with Gold & Diamond! May God show us His mercy so that we have a taste of Paradise one day – amen!

  16. Eze O. Michael

    I thank God 4 u. As much as I pray u will enjoy d house in gud health, I also pray dat at d end of ur life here on earth, God will grant u d grace 2 be in His PARADISE in Headen in Jesus name, Amen.

  17. adekunle

    dis ouse is….so…beautiful
    God provide more than dat 4 me..IJN..amen

  18. Jonathan shanka Bennett

    where did he get d money to put up this edifice?

    1. Akpos

      Bros ur money lost?

  19. olaiya

    Dis house is so beautiful

  20. lawmoney Aice

    he’s not the first and definitely won’t be the last…

  21. lawmoney Aice


  22. Danielle Anioke

    Really it’s not just houses but worldly paradise which can be shortly enjoyed.and bible says in all ur getting’s get eternal life which can lead you to heavenly paradise where you will enjoy life without end

  23. Ngo Briggs

    Thank God for this edifice from God to you. He should remember me

  24. kymani

    That house not compared to the houses @ Maitama extention Abuja…especially the versase costomised#Jesos! Behold 9ja BeverlyHill

    1. kapai

      Bro..versace is a learner to this crib

  25. Lemontrophy

    As d lord did it 4 Mr dily so shall he do it 4 me nd my brethren..Amen

  26. Nature

    Check out another fascinating hood this one is times 10 of this very one we commented on houses can be very wicked .

  27. Kenneth

    God av bless u and so shall he bless Others like me . Amen

  28. samuel

    God my time shouldn’t pass me by surprise me Mr Okwudili
    Umenyiora (aka Mr Dilly) u no go run down

  29. nzegwu nnamdi

    Gods design for him,I am the nxt!So great!

  30. Obasi promise chiudo

    God i pray to be the 5th person to erect one of the most expensive mansion in Nigeria

  31. Greatmind

    Check the house out in Oniru estate, Lagos.

  32. Godyke

    it’s unfortunate the owner will eventually live that exquisite house for eternity. How I wish he will live there forever.Death!Oh!Death!

  33. Godyke

    What an exquisite house, how I wish the owner will live there for ever. You mean he will eventually forgo all these and die someday? Death! Oh! Death, where is your sting?

  34. Godyke

    What an exquisite house, how I wish the owner will live there for ever. You mean he will eventually forgo all these and die someday? Death! Oh! Death, where is your sting?


    if this house is in Nigeria that means the owner should be probe

    .just joking

  36. christopher

    one word (CLASSIC)

  37. Abdulrasheed

    Its really admirable, i pray to be the second person to build a mansion more expensive than this in Nigeria.AMEEN

  38. ololade

    The house is at lekki phase one oniru new market but won’t disclose the street, is at the back of my office.

  39. bola

    The house is at lekki,lagos

  40. Eze uche

    Awsome nice1

  41. oyieh

    dis is fantastic

  42. Tajuddeen

    “The house is house”unless the death which may rushes unexpectedly;-(;-(

  43. adesida ayo

    SooO luvly.

  44. Timothy

    this home is absolutely breathtaking . world class mansion. it should be somewhere in lekki or vgc

  45. Victor

    This just a joke compared to what I’m coming up with…
    Just wait…Awesome will be an understatement.
    Nice crib sha!!! Lol

  46. raymondchris

    Just wait and see what am coming up with.

  47. raymondchris

    Its so Beautiful and the worse thing is that nobody knows where the house is in Nigeria.

  48. Ado Yakasai

    Good mansion,,, life is a coin, you can spend it anyway you wish, but you can spend it once, so put down your pride, set down your arrogance and remember your Grave.

  49. aygeorge

    wow,just don’t to say or start pouring praises cos the house is just tooooooo fffffffffuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggg clasic out of the extraodinary.its just amazing,so susphisticated.

    1. You can say that again …

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