Nigerian Army Ranks: Ranks in the Nigerian Army

Whether you’re interested in joining the Nigerian Army or not, it’s important to know the various ranks in the Nigerian Army. If that’s your goal, then you’re just on the right page.

The lists below show how the Nigerian Army ranks its commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

Nigerian Army Ranks for commissioned officers

There are 11 ranks in the Nigerian Army for commissioned officers. They are listed below:

  1. Field Marshal (5-Star General) — highest rank in the Nigerian Army
  2. General (4-Star General)
  3. Lieutenant General (3-Star General)
  4. Major General (2-Star General)
  5. Brigadier General (1-Star General)
  6. Colonel
  7. Lieutenant Colonel
  8. Major
  9. Captain
  10. Lieutenant
  11. Second Lieutenant — lowest rank
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Nigerian Army Ranks for non-commissioned officers

There are 8 ranks in the Nigerian Army for non-commissioned officers. They are listed below

  1. Warrant Officer Class I
  2. Warrant Officer Class II
  3. Staff Sergeant
  4. Sergeant
  5. Corporal
  6. Lance-corporal
  7. Private
  8. Recruit

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  1. Yusuf Lawal Daudu

    Please what is the position of NCE holder?

  2. Yusuf Lawal Daudu

    Please what is the position of NCE holder in Nigerian Army?

  3. MERCY


  4. Odion

    I just wish my name be an airforce or a navy officer.

  5. Jullius zachariah

    My name is zachariah i like to be an army member i am needing assistance help me please

    1. uchenna

      add me on Facebook uchenna uzoma



  6. Emmanuel Atewe

    Hello am Emmanuel Atewe i want to use this medium to info does going for NDA PROGRAMM SHOULD PLS HURRY UP AND PURCHASE THE FORM IS STILL OUT THE CALL 0092349056642961

  7. samson peter

    pls is NESO pass to bill by the federal government will like to join

  8. Areola Akinlabi David

    Pls What Rank Will One Be If I Join With My ND Result

  9. Hassan usman D

    GOD bless nigerian army 4 ever, we are wih you

  10. mustapha umar aliyu

    I want to join Nigeria army pls help me did my number 09032635357

  11. David Don

    To become any of this is very simple work hard and seek help to the proper channel. This advise come from Captain David

    1. Edward Andy Eremie

      Can u help me captain,I also applied for NDA and dis is my number sir,08140478636

  12. Hamza Haruna

    may God bless the Nigerian army

  13. Philemon zwalnan durkat

    plz who is the first civilliant president of nigeria.

  14. araromi

    I want to be a soldier by all means.

  15. Musa idris

    I like recrutmen army pls help me sir dis my number 0816219####

  16. AKIN


  17. hassan abubakr

    plc need ur prayer NDA or Nigerian airforce by d grace of god

    1. nuruddeen101

      Hussain may allh help and others

  18. Adebisi

    I want to join Nigeria army pls help me



    1. Ronald fureino

      Why army are not paying correck salary only 49 thousand for pravate soldiers

  20. Enwono Isong

    A degree holder will start with (captain rank)

  21. pls i want join nda with my hnd how can i do

  22. tunji

    with ND what rank in army

  23. sameul

    Pls sir am samuel I have muy wace result am in science deparment and I hav only d7 in my maths but I pass all so hav colleted the Nigeria army form hav sign all the form but it remain the litnant colonel to sign and.I don’t no how to find the person pls sir I need a help from u

  24. shuaibu usman

    My name is shuaibu Usman I apply for shoot service of Nigeria army I need help

  25. olamide

    Pls the date of pre-screening has it been confirmed? And wat are we to wear to the venue pls hlp

  26. With my degree which rank

    1. salami

      with bsc or hnd. u are a Leutenant

  27. Please with my degree holder which rank?

  28. Emmanuel

    Pls what about a person with jst an ssce holder?wht rank will dat b???

  29. Emmanuel

    Please what about the person with just an ssce holder what rank please?

  30. Emma

    How can NCE cert be on private while HND is on sec lev. I d police force is better dan army in tens of admin

    1. salami

      NCE is not equivalent to HND.
      To be commission as an officer, you must have an hnd or Bsc with valid NYSC Certificate. If you fall below that, you cannot be an army officer

  31. johnbosco

    Stop all this my brothers and sister just take a step today and God will see u though

  32. johnbosco

    Let me ask u won’t the cyber cafe eat if is free go and do it in your house

  33. Bello Abdulrasheed

    Hello to you all sir my name is Bello Abdulrasheed I am in zamfara state, Gusau I am 21 year old and I on process to join NDA 2016 that is my examination no for NDA (68013128) please sir I want you to help me I don’t have any person that can stand for me I score 194 in my JAMB I have 2B & 7C in my SSCE

    1. johnbosco

      stop looking for helper in inter net go to any barrack and meet any army tell he or she that you need a guarantor

    2. Emmanuel Atewe

      what do you need

  34. ibrahim mohammed

    what killed father will kill child

    1. johnbosco

      What that that kill the father

  35. Attih effiong essang

    I went to cyber-cafe cause the online navy recruit is free!!! with a great surprise they say I should bring #1500 so I want ask if this happen in all the centre in Nigeria or is it ib rivers state only

  36. Oyibe oluebube

    I am interested in army force.pls how can i start?

    1. johnbosco

      Start by sleeping in your father house

  37. olalekan

    I too am intreated in armed force bt I wtn to use my NCE rusilt whch level and rank is that

    1. johnbosco

      Imaging you have not go to the market to buy food stuff but asking how is test stop fulling your self

  38. dyoung

    Ple wh no d area of concentration in navy aptitudes test

    1. johnbosco

      Download it

  39. BADMUS

    Please my name is Badmus Taofeek Adedayo I want to enroll for NDA 68th regular courses I need help

    1. johnbosco

      Meet God for help

  40. Olarewaju

    Wit n.c.e certificate what rank is dat person wort?

    1. johnbosco


  41. Deji

    With HND certificate what rank will that get you sir???

    1. Franklin

      second lieutenant

  42. pheelz

    Any certificate asides a degree or hnd will get you nothing better than a private if not recruit. So prepare to join the fight at the frontline!

    1. Emmanuel

      Please what about the person with just an ssce holder what rank please?

  43. comrade snow

    if one should join Nigerian army wit ND cert,wat rank will he start wit.

  44. adeboye jacob

    I like to joint nigeria army

  45. Nuelmercy


  46. Fred


  47. abbas muhammad

    i want the Nigeria’n army base to allowed children under 20yrs to be in Nigeria’n defence it will be better.


    I want to be a member of the Nigrerian army, navy, airforce. Pls Friends need ur prayar

    1. Ishaq ahkmed

      Hi aminu can u can u let us talk better pls. 07038900072

  49. Abbey. G.A

    I think someone can served his/her father’s land with integrity and humanity. So i urge nigeria to allow this and stay away for high service. Thanks.

  50. buubakari

    any difference between a graduate of NDA and those of university interms of rank?

  51. Veko cadet

    Where does commandant lies? As in, the rank of commandant is in which categories and who is he higher than and lower than as well?

  52. zeeban alex ojua

    warran officer class 1

  53. AbdulHakeem

    Warrant officer 1 is the higher one.

  54. cadet shola

    Which of the warrant officer is higher one

    1. AbdulHakeem

      Warrant officer 1 is the high one.

    2. clapperton

      wo1 the highest

      1. Elpadlic Bunza

        If a person with HND is 2nd lieutenant then what of degree holders?

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