FedEx Nigeria Contact Phone Number & Address Details

FedEx is one of the most outstanding courier agencies in Nigeria today. It is actually an international organization and it had been in operation for quite a long time now. They transport packages by sea, air and land.


They can help transport your parcels and packages of virtually any corner of the globe and can also help transport them at some of the cheapest rate around.

They make it very easy for their clients to track items being shipped. They provide you with tracking number immediately you register the package to be shipped.  They deliver fast and cover both international and local locations.


FedEx has several operation centers in Nigeria. Some of them are listed below

  • FedEx Express, Courier & Shipping Services, Oba Karan Avenue, Lagos.
  • FedEx, Courier Service, Off Simbiat Abiola Road, Medical Road. They are opened from morning till 5pm.
  • FedEx Express Courier Service Moloney Street.
  • FedEx Red Star Express, Courier Service, Kakawa Street.

Their website is You can learn more about them by visiting  Their customer care phone number is +23412714747.

FedEx has presence in up to 218 countries and territories. Its international headquarters is located at Memphis, Tennessee, United States.  They record up to 3.5 million shipments per day they equally have up to 3,694 vehicles in their fleet.

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Additionally, they have up to 50 aircrafts that they use in delivering couriers to these different locations.  They accept payment by FedEx account, FedEx electronic funds transfer (EFT), credit cards, money order, checks and cash.  They have always made efforts over the years to improve on manner of service delivery to their clients.

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