Visa Card Nigeria: Why it’s better Than Others

Visa card has load so f benefits unavailable with other ATM cards in Nigeria, like verve card or MasterCard.  For one, it is very easy to make online transaction with your visa card in comparison with your MasterCard. Many online websites do not even recognize verve card.

visa card

In recent times anyway, Nigerian MasterCard is now easily recognized online, but it is still not as smooth as visa card for online business transaction.  For example, online websites, like Amazon will accept payment via your visa card, but the same payment may be delayed on MasterCard or the transaction may be turned down.

Aside the few benefits mentioned earlier, both MasterCard and visa card seem to have the same measure of benefits; this is more so since MasterCard is now upgraded for online payment.

In times past, MasterCard was rejected as means of payment in Nigeria, but it is now well accepted, as Nigerian merchants can pay for goods online on websites like Alibaba, Aliexpress and so on.

One other aspect where visa card may stands out however is the area of security. Visa card carries better security than MasterCard.  It is easier to hack into your MasterCard than your visa card.

Verve card on the other hand is far from being accepted for online transaction.  You also need to know that Nigerian ATM cards are all debit cards and not credit cards.  Nigeria has not arrived at the point of using credit card. This may however become a reality in time to come.

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