Virgin Atlantic Nigeria Contact Details

Virgin Atlantic is an international airline company. They have presence in several countries across the globe, like United Kingdom, Unites States, The Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa and United Arab Emirates. They have presence in several other countries aside the above.


Their Nigerian office is located at The Place, 25 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos. Their telephone number is +23414612747.  They focus on all needs of their clients they provide one of the most effective and one of the most efficient air transport services.

The company is a major British company.  They have actually come a very long way to become leaders in the air transport services. They provide air travel services to several continents of the world.

They cover several countries in Asia and the Caribbean. They only provide air travel services to two countries in Africa, which are Nigeria and South Africa.  They cover both Dubai and UAE in the Middle East. They cover several states in the United States.

Their customer service is among the best in the world. They never delay to refund ticket fare if situation warrants such an action.  They always ensure complete protection for their customers and their luggage.

They provide assistance to their customers any which way they can. You can reserve your flight ahead of time neither visiting their brick and mortal office or by making your reservation via their website.

They serve nice meals on board too.  They always keep tab on your properties to ensure your lost properties are recovered without problem.  Their seats are highly comfortable too and their website is easy to navigate.

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  1. I bought flight ticket and boarded Virgin Atlantic from Lagos to New York on the 25th January, 2020 to return back to Lagos on the 27th/28th June, 2020.
    My bank account was debited three times for one transaction thereby throwing my account into debit balance, attracting interest.
    My complaint for the reversal of this intentional or erroneous act was not acted upon.
    I have to fly back to Nigeria through another air carrier: Etihad because of this.
    Virgin Atlantic has to return all my money, including interest charges from Gtb and my return ticket from New York City, USA which supposed to be on the 27th June, 2020.
    If the above is not done immediately, I will be forced to drag Virgin Atlantic to court over this embarrassing incident.
    Oladipupo. Nureni Oladimeji
    Passport number A09927321

    Booking Code- DLWTD7

    Eticket- 9321490449061

    Bank- Gtb
    Lagos to New York – 25th, January, 2020
    New York to Lagos- 27th June, 2020.

  2. Good afternoon
    Pls I want to find out if you have flights going to Barbados if yes. What dose it requires and what’s the cost .
    Because Barbados dose not required visa to travel there but it depends on the airline if they will need a transit visa pls explain more on this causes I intend using virgin Atlantic airline

  3. Good morning,

    Pls. I want to change my travell date from the initial date (20th of may to 11th june, 2019) to (13th may to 5th june 2019).

    Please how much would I need to pay to effect it. Just give me rough extimate.

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