USPS Nigeria Phone Number & Contact Details

USPS is the United States Postal Services. You can post any package through them to any part of the world.


They can send virtually any item on your behalf, except a number of prohibited items, like processed woods, stocks, precious stones, perfumes, passports, paints, knives, ice, fruit juice, soft drink, credit card blanks, coins, collectibles, airline tickets and the likes.

They also do not help in shipping any jewelry that contains lead salt or precious stones.

Aside the above items, you can post any other package through them. They serve virtually all the towns in Nigeria. This means you can send any item through them to any of the 744 local governments in Nigeria.

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Aside Nigeria, they also serve various other countries across the globe. They have developed partnership with FedEx Express and this enables them to cover all the countries covered by FedEx.  You can send your documents as well as non-document items through them.

They do not give any additional surcharges for the services they offer you.  The company accepts parcels all days of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.  Generally, it only takes about 5 days to deliver the parcel you send through them, including the ones you send on Saturdays and Sundays.

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You can contact them through email directly on their website. Their website is at You can link up with their customer service center at  They are however not open during public holidays. You will have to wait till the public holiday is over before sending or receiving mails through them.

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  1. nobleman

    Good afternoon, please I am yet to receive my parcel sent to me by my wife since on the 29th of January, please advice me on whatsap to do… thanks and God bless you.



    I am Sharmin Choudhury form New York,NY.
    I am a victim of mail fraud.I sell online a Canon Camera Telephoto zoom Lens EF 70-200 mm F4 COST $730 USD.WHICH I DID NOT GET PAYMENT .Jan 31st I sent a priority mail to Nigeria through USPS.

    Tracking Number CH035721799US

    The Adrees I post it is as follows……
    Bode William
    95bHolmes street
    Ikotun,Lagos,Nigeria, 100265

    I tried all my best to stop the shipping as soon I realize that its a scam.But USPS don’t have control over international shipment.I clam a report and it says it will take 24 working days to send me report . I am afraid that may be it will gone already to seamer and once it gone it will gone forever.
    Dear sir I am seeking your heartfelt attention to this issue I heard from POSTAL INSPECTOR that my item is in NIGERIA POST OFFICE and help me to get it back.Help me to stop this delivery.
    Delivery attempted – Forwarding to pick-up location 10AM.
    Sharmin Choudhury

  3. Obadeyi Adeleke

    I was sent a parcel through usps. I’m yet to receive my parcel. It’s over 2weeks now. I keep tracking and all I see for the past 4days is still in transit.

  4. dayo

    A parcel was sent to me since 9of this month have not recieve it yet.

  5. Oshineye Adeyemi

    The document is very important that need to been attended to on time pls I need to know wat is going on

  6. Oshineye Adeyemi

    Pls l post it in Newark newjessy to Lagos state nigeria

  7. Oshineye Adeyemi

    I sent package since last year December have been tracking it is still on transit is over 10days now wat is happening pls I want to know

  8. olufemi aluko

    I have a package my brother wants to send to me from Washington d.c to nigeria,can I pay for the freight here in nigeria? Anticipating a reply

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