Nigeria being the fastest growing country in West Africa has some major cities that are quite expensive to stay in and to visit. Discussed below are the cities that are believed to be the most expensive in Nigeria



The largest commercial hub and the largest metropolitan area in Africa is an expensive city to live in right now in Nigeria. Being a mega city, what is obtainable in Lagos cannot be compared with what we have in its neighboring state like Ogun and Oyo states respectively. Transportation is one of the most expensive things in Lagos especially if you have to take a drop to where you have to go.



This is another expensive city to live in. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and it is always referred to the federal capital territory (FCT). It is also one of the most expensive cities in Africa. It is a big city with high cost of accommodation. This is applicable to live-in houses and hotels. Schooling is another thing that is expensive in Abuja. Especially private schools which most parents patronize because of the general believe in their level of high performances.



Port Harcourt

This is the highest oil producing state in Nigeria. Things are expensive here because of the notion that everyone living in the city is making “oil money”. There is an influx of people to the city on a daily basis, just to find a greener pasture. It’s a place with a very accommodating weather except for the rain which can be frustrating at times. Food items, fruits and vegetables and accommodation are the most expensive things in this city. Private schools are also not left out as they charge exorbitantly.




This is a city that attracts a lot of tourists. This city has always been a center of attraction since it was made the capital city of Nigeria. Because of the presence of things like Tinapa resort, Obudu mountain resort and a host of others, with events like carnival have always made the city to attract tourist. And with the friendly environment (good weather and neat environment), there is an influx of people to the city all year round. Even when the city ceased to be the capital city of Nigeria it still remains a center of attraction because of its resources. And this makes things to be quite expensive in the city.




This city is one of the most expensive city in Nigeria today because of the rate the population is growing. This is due to the presence of many schools in the city. And the high rate of development in the state.

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