Statoil Nigeria Limited: Important Details


Statoil Nigeria Limited is located at 1A, Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria. Their telephone numbers are 012690491 and 012690493. Their website is at The company is involved in oil exploration and production.


They are equally involved in pipeline laying. Their production facilities are global in nature.  They are into procurement, natural gas and trading. They also engage in decommissioning.

They are involved in oil exploration in Nigeria and a host of other countries. They have plans to go into major oil exploration in the Barent Sea come 2017.  They are presently strengthening their position in these areas via a host of transactions with other related companies.

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Their services involve the use of top class technologies and their innovations are beyond what obtains in many other oil companies. They are knowledgeable in the oil and gas sector and they are using their experience to find solution to the energy needs of the future.

They are involved in wind power promotion in order to reduce the environmental pollution experienced across the globe in recent times.  They are working to ensure consistent and top class technology management to make them one of the most reliable oil companies around.

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They are one of the best as regards research and development.  Their field development strategies are equally one of the best around. They make use of top class technology and their refining and processing operations are among the best around.

The company had been around for quite a while and they have proved themselves to be leaders in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.


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