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Slot Nigeria has become one of the most popular outlets for mobile devices in Nigeria. They provide top quality mobile devices and mobile accessories too.  They give discounts on the items they sell. There is guarantee of quality on everything you buy from them. Additionally, they sell some of the cheapest mobile devices in Nigeria.


Aside mobile devices of various types from different brand names of international recognition, you can equally get mobile device accessories from their outlets. You can patronize them for mobile device batteries, mobile chargers and the likes.

They have outlets in virtually all states in Nigeria. You can equally patronize them for other items, like top quality clippers.  Do you need to buy power bank for your mobile device, you can link up with Slot Nigeria.

They have some of the best customer services in Nigeria of today. They give 24 hours delivery service to their customers in Port Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos.  They make it possible for their clients to pay online on their website. You can also pay cash on delivery if you so desire.

Furthermore, there is warranty on everything you buy from Slot Nigeria. You can equally buy phone and pay on installment. Their rate is affordable. You will not have to pay extra fees for such installment purchase and you can pick up the phone at zero deposit.

Aside mobile devices, Slot Nigeria also sells laptops.  You can call them on 08052506989. You can also call them on 01-4663633 or 07005000050 to place your orders. Their brick and mortal outlet is located at Ikeja CityMall. Their website is at

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