Nigeria Police Phone Number & Contact Details

The job of the Nigeria police is to ensure order, health and safety of the Nigerian populace.


You can contact the Nigeria police by calling numbers of Police Public Relations Officers.  Some of these PROs and their numbers are provided below.

  • Donald Awunah. 09059202456
  • Jimoh Moshood. 08032569029.
  • Ubayi Ringimn Raubilu. Kano zone. 07035703380 or 08126376501
  • Olorunfemi Shem. Lagos zone. 08133224435 or 08081776378.
  • Barka Hammanjoda. Yola Zone. 08034961915 or 08081765702.
  • Ihenacho Emeka. Benin zone. 08056036741
  • Elebe Rogers. Calabar zone. 08033369958 or 08081764641
  • Badewoke Tokunbo Bola. Abuja zone. 07066103196 or 07081293476.
  • Mohammed Aminu Danjuma. Lokoja zone. 08076508275 or 08081765549.
  • Jiakponnah Emmanuel Chintuwa. Umuahia zone. 08037617994 or 08188833276
  • Nakamba Ghali. Sokoto zone. 08062113178
  • Babalola Oluwadare Sola. Oshogbo zone. 08033635201 or 08074811234.
  • Mohammed Bala. Bauchi zone. 08039434966 or 08075118004.
  • Onyeke Udeviotu Ezekiel. Abia state. 08035550126 or 08081761846.
  • Othman Abubakar. Adamawa state. 08036245920 or 08123143390.
  • Nwawe Cordelia. Akwa Ibom State. 08168960944
  • Ali, Alphonsus Okechukwu. Anambra State. 08035481586.
  • Haruna Mohammed. Bauchi state, 08060970639 or 08078118093.
  • Butswat Asinim. Bayelsa State. 08032789712 or 08086642926.
  • Ezeani Austin Amechi. Benue State. 08152112110 or 08062076732.
  • Bassey Hogan. Cross Rivers State. 08066664978 or 08055555901
  • Kalu Amadi Celestina. Delta State. 08033797766 or 08125273232.
  • Amaraisu Ebere. Enugu state. 08038829086 or 08123822894.
  • Anyanwu Chris Chibuike. Ebonyi State. 08037739134.
  • Onwochei Stephen. Edo State. 08037180188 or 07055956185.
  • Adeyemi Albert Ademola. Ekiti State. 08081772868 or 08034282711.
  • Manzah Jesses Anjuguri. FCT-Abuja. 08133379980.
  • Atajiri Fwaje. Gombe State. 08075388884 or 08089777157.
  • Enwerem Andrew. Imo State. 08063827970 or 08081574002
  • JInjiri Abdu. JIgawa State. 08065670314 or 08054384759.
  • Abubakar Aminu Sadiq. Katsina State. 08064211500.
  • Zubairu Abubakar. Kaduna State. 08033024229 or 08151803002.
  • Musa Magaji. Kano State, 08066471341 or 08076665693.
  • Abubakar Nafiu. Kebbi State. 08065159812 or 07059365486.
  • Ajayi Okasanmi Jeffrey. Kwara State. 08032365122 or 08081763132.
  • Joseph Offor. Lagos State. 08036634061
  • Numan Umaru Ismaila. Nasarawa state. 08038851066 or 08075976305.
  • Bala Elkana James. Niger State. 07063116301 or 08123143352.
  • Adejobi Olumuyiwa Oladunmoye. Ogun State. 08037168147 or 08081774631.
  • Ajuisebutu Adekunle. Oyo State. 08036536581.
  • Ogodo Wole Felix. Ondo State. 08033852918 or 09050419566.
  • Odoro Folashade. Osun State. 08035384448 or 08086649114.

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  1. A man who calls himself Dr Sayo a fake herbalist out of Lagos scammed me out of alot of dosh and sent me nothing and the EFCC of Nigeria is uncontactable, their email address doesn’t work and their hotlines are unavailable and the Lagos policy men do not even have a fax number or an email address. No wonder Nigeria has this reputation for scams, you can’t even report it

  2. Nwawe Cordelia seems to have left Akwa Ibom State or is she still the PPRO of that command?

    I’d like to lodge a complaint against their men that are forcibly extending their stay in my house in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. They use gun to scare the landlord away. Worst of all they disconnected power from the property official meter and tap light directly from the street electric pool to the property. This is against the property owner’s directive and wish.

    Their lease (rent) contract had expired since January 31, 2020. But these fellows have refused to vacate my property.
    I can send the agreement to the police authorities to see it themselves.

  3. I am desperately trying to find a man John Bruno. John tried to commit suicide on July 20, 2019. He is an American who is working in Nigeria. I have been in a relationship with John for two years. His doctor is Donald Wilson. I am desperate to find out about John. I am using my neighbors email and phone. Her name is Peggy Robertson and her email is and her phone number is 636-249-8569. Thank you for your time and effort. Myra Joglar.

  4. 3 scams who stolen my money and I have their names on “Moneygrams” and they are from Nigeria so please help me to get those people who fraud me and stolen my money please let me know thanks..

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