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LG is undoubtedly one of the most popular electronics manufacturers in the world today. They are known for top quality products. They have been in the electronics industry for years and have proved themselves to be reliable and trustworthy. Original LG products can be used for years without any problem whatsoever.


They have outlets in many parts of Africa and they touch virtually all aspects of electronic gadgets. They manufacture televisions, mobile devices of various kinds, various home appliances, air conditioners and lots more.

If you are in need of OLED or LED television, you can always rely on LG products. Their products are in different sizes and they are highly durable. If you are in need of top class Smartphone, LG products will prove to be the best to go for. Their Smartphone are perfect for both your play and work needs.

Their domestic appliances are made with the end user in mind. These appliances are made with innovative technology to make them fit with the latest expectations in the world of technology.  Their air conditioners are highly efficient and they are built to last long.

Do you need to purchase projectors? You can also trust LG to provide you with top quality and long lasting projectors. They have presence in up to 18 African countries and they are constantly expanding their business.

If you need more information about this company and the services they provide, you can link up with them at their website www.lg.com/africa. You can also give them a call on 080098115454. The telephone number is toll free, which means you will not pay anything for calling them.

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  1. Product for African Market

    Hello LG, l have a researched prototype of a standing fan for African Market where Power outage is common and the cost for electricity high. The intention is to provide an Alternative for electric propelled fans. Could make an attachment if you show me how.

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