Lagos State Drivers Licence and Application Form: How To Apply


The Lagos state has demanded for drivers of commercial vehicles and private companies to be certified by the Lagos State Driver’s Institute (LASDRI).

According to reports, people die daily on Lagos roads and due to the fact that anyone can easily obtain the National Driver’s Licence without proper tests leading to Lagos State having one of the highest percentage of drivers in Nigeria (est. 26.4%).

Lagos State Drivers Licence and Application Form: How To Apply

Some of the Problems Identified by the State Includes:

  • Lack proper training / skill acquisition
  • Lack adequate knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.
  • Road Sign illiterates
  • Lack adequate knowledge of the Vehicle (Vehicle Illiteracy)
  • Lack of understanding simple owner manual requirements for vehicle maintenance.

With the Resultant Effect of the Above Being:

  • Road Traffic Crashes
  • Traffic Jams / Congestion
  • Road Rage
  • Regular Brake Down of Vehicles on the Highways
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Health Hazards etc

If the Above can be Curbed, the Benefits of the Drivers Training Institute would include:

  • Professionalizing the activities of Drivers in the State
  • Improved Driving Culture.
  • Reduced Road Traffic Accidents.
  • Reduction of Traffic jams / Congestion.
  • Reduced Road Rage
  • Improved Environmental Condition
  • Improved Health conditions and decrease in associated hospital bills
  • Increase in foreign exchange through reduced capital flight
  • Improved Economic growth

And as Lagos State moves to ensure a drastic reduction to the number of road accidents, a non compliance fee ranging from N50,000 to N250,000 will be fined to defaulters depending on the offence.

This may be a means to generate more IGR for the state but however the case might be, here is the process of how to get your Lagos State Drivers Licence which begins by acquiring the application form online.

How to Obtain the Lagos State Driver’s Licence

First of all, you need to download the Lagos State Drivers Licence Application Form form the Lagos State Drivers Institute website under the downloads section by the right of the website on


It is a one pager and quite easy to fill.

There are two different forms one being the Driver Application Form and the other as Driving School Application Form.

You can also download the forms here:

Click Here to Download the Driver Application Form

Click Here to Download the Driving School Application Form

For Drivers you would need to download the Driver Application Form which needs a passport photograph while for those interested in setting up a Driving School would need to download the Driving School Application Form.

Fill the form with all necessary details and submit to the office.

Address/Contact Details for Lagos State Driver’s Institute (LASDRI) Office in Lagos

To contact the Lagos State Drivers’ Institute, visit their head office at this address below:


Lagos State Drivers’ Institute Headoffice

Oshodi Lagos State.

Tel.: 12345678901, 098766655666, 081 911 43538

Fax: 00909099




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