Jumia Nigeria App: How to Download & Use

There are millions of mobile apps out there today for one purpose or the other. The Jumia Mobile App is one of them but it is built with the end user in mind.  The Jumia Mobile App can be said to be the pick of the litter in terms of necessity. With this mobile app, you can easily order for virtually any item from Jumia on your mobile phone and with complete ease and convenience.


Also, the mobile app provides the end user with easy access to the best prices on all these items. As a result, you will never have to pay through the nose when shopping on Jumia. And the most beautiful of it all is that the app is free!

The Jumia Mobile App makes you experience shopping at its very best and most convenient and as stated earlier, you can download it completely free. The Jumia Mobile App is available to everyone. Are you using Blackberry, Android, iOS or Windows Smartphone? You can easily download the app and log in without any problem from your respective app store and download the Jumia Mobile App for free!

What are the benefits of downloading and using the Jumia Mobile App for all your Jumia shopping needs? These benefits are highlighted below:

Faster response and less data consumption: You can easily confirm this from a tech expert and they will tell you that this is true. Accessing Jumia via the Jumia mobile app is much faster and it uses up 5 times less internet data than when you access the website through the mobile web!

Special Offer and daily deal notifications: on the Jumia Mobile App, you will have access to various opportunities. You will be sent updated notification about various offers you can benefit from.  You will be the first to know of the best bargains by getting alerts directly on your phone.

N2000 welcome discount voucher:  You will get to enjoy a N2000 discount off your first purchase if the purchase is more than N10,000. Just use the voucher code APP2348 at checkout and that is it.

Big App Shopping Days:  From the 3rd of July to the 5th, Jumia had started the Big App Shopping Days for their customers, where the customer can expect to find massive discounts on various product categories and this is only accessible to those who use the Jumia Mobile App to make their orders. You can also find our exclusive app deals by visiting Jumia’s website.

More than 150,000 products in your hands: All items you may ever want to order on Jumia are within your reach! On the Jumia Mobile App, you can shop a wide array of products ranging from computing, games and consoles , fashion, electronics, mobile phones, and lots more. Since connection is faster, you can easily access the products in fraction of minutes.

How to download it

All you need to do is visit the app store for any mobile device you are using. Just download this great app and start enjoying it. The installation is instantaneous too. You are sure to love everything about it.

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