Joomla Web Hosting in Nigeria

Joomla Web Hosting in Nigeria

Joomla web hosting in Nigeria is done by quite a number of web hosting companies and this is very useful to those that want to establish a personal or corporate site.  Hosting a joomla website is almost the same process as hosting any other content management system (CMS) Ωwith a webhost. Since there are a number of webhost offering this service, you should do your research diligently and carefully so that you will get the best server resources at your disposal.

Hosting a joomla powered site requires you to have purchased a webhosting plan for the joomla script to be installed.

Joomla and WordPress are what we call content management systems and they both follow similar procedure and process for installation on any webhost with a cpanel. So if you want to host your joomla website in Nigeria, there are certain things you must do or take note of.

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Joomla Web hosting is mainly a webhosting service that offers individual and companies to build their website on the using joomla as the mode of manageing the content.

Hosting a joomla website in Nigeria is also good when you truly want to have a web presence for all your business without the need of calling a developer for basic modifications and tweaks.

Any good joomla hosting company must provide some basic things like database security, backup among others. You should ensure when choosing a host, the whole package is given to you. It does not matter if it’s a personal website or a business website.

Now here are some joomla features you should take note of

  1. Managing data is never an easy thing to do and sometimes you could loose you whould website if your data is not managed properly and with joomla it is quite easy as joomla takes care of creating all the necessary tables you need when setting up the website.
  2. It has been said a few times by web designers that joomla is more secured then wordpress and joomla is a better content management system for ecommerce than wordpress. So if you intend to setup an ecommerce store you should do proper research on the best content management system to use.
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List of Some Joomla Hosting Companies in Nigeria


They are a popular joomla webhosting company in Nigeria


The name speaks for itself. You can check out their various plans on their site.


I have known vbhostnet for quite some time now. Before you consider them for your joomla site, please read some customer reviews about them. A Google search for the company name should help.


For Lagos citizens and other citizens of the country, weblagos have come to stay.


Also very good when it comes to webhosting.

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