How to Register a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria


Organizations are typically set up as a money making venture.

Non Governmental Organizations, also legally referred to as incorporated trustees are however, not for profit but are set up with the aim of serving the public.

Source of funding is usually gotten via grants, donations and fundraising from well meaning people who have the interest of the NGO at heart.

The NGO is often run under guidance of the people known as trustee, and any financial asset it has is entrusted in confidence to the trustee.

So, when you have chosen to serve a course by way of a NGO, what do you do next?

Let us take a look at how to register a Non Governmental Organization in Nigeria.

Selecting a Name

The first thing involves choosing a name for your NGO. This you have to do by coming up with at least two names, which you can register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

When you have decided on a name CAC will run a check to determine the availability of the name for registration.

Examples of names you can choose include names ending with words like organization, trust, foundation, association and initiative.

The most important thing is for the name to be unique and to portray what the NGO is all about.

Pre Registration Requirement

Before you can register your organization, there are certain documents/items that you need to put in place. These are:

  1. A list of Executive members of the organization.
  2. A formal application letter stating the reason for forming the NGO.
  3. 2 copies of the applicant’s constitution. The constitution should consist of:
  • Aims
  • Provision for trustees in the guidelines
  • Custody of the common seal
  • Appointment of auditors
  • Provisions for meetings
  • Amendment clause
  • Special clause
  1. A document to show the aim and objectives of the organization.
  2. A common metal seal for inspection.
  3. Minutes of the meeting showing when the trustees were appointed as well as the voting pattern and it should be signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the board.
  4. Minutes of the meeting showing where special clause rules were adopted into the constitution of the organization; signed by secretary and chairman.
  5. 2 passport sized photographs of trustees (Applicants)
  6. Trustees’ names and signature on the application form (Encl D) and provide permanent residential addresses.
  7. A 20,000 Naira draft in favour of CAC made payable in Abuja.
  8. Two photocopies of the application form.
  9. Application form duly signed by secretary and chairman of the board.
  10. Trustees declaration forms duly signed by each trustee and deposed to at a high court of Justice in Nigeria.

After filling the form, you can then file your application armed with the items listed above.

Once registered, you are required to place adverts showing the name of the organization and the objectives. The advert should be placed in two national dailies and one local newspaper.



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