How to Register a Birth in Nigeria


Every child born in Nigeria has the right to have his or her birth registered in Nigeria.

This is in accordance with the law in Nigeria.

The Federal Government’s decree No. 69 of 1992 on vital registration states that registration shall be carried out free of charge, within a period of 60 days from the date of birth. Also, in 2003, the Child Rights Act in its Section 5 states that: ‘Every child has the right to a name and the birth of every child shall be registered.

Birth Registration therefore becomes the only official way to record the birth of a child. It involves an administrative carried out in the state where the birth occurred. This record is a permanent one for the child.

It is important to register the birth of a child as it will secure the child’s identity, nationality and name. It will help to provide easy access to health care and good education; and it is one of the requirement for obtaining a job in future in the public sector.

Birth Registration Procedure in Nigeria

Normally, when a child is born, the registration should be done within sixty (60) days of birth.

If however, the sixty day period has elapsed, it becomes late registration and this attracts a fine.

Children between the ages of 0-18 were however initially exempted from the fine but the waiver expired in 2009.

Birth registration can be done in the following locations:

  1. National Population Commission Registration centres.
  2. National Population Commission’s Offices at the
  3. Local Government Headquarters.
  4. National Population Commission’s Desks in Hospital/Health Centres and
  5. Other designated places by the commission.

Details required for the registration include:

  • Notification of birth from a hospital.
  • The full name of the child.
  • The sex of the child.
  • The date of birth of the child which must correspond with that on the notification of birth.
  • Full names of both parents.
  • The place of birth.


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