How to Prepare/ Make Kunu Drink in Nigeria

Kunu (or Kunnu) which is a popular drink especially among the Northerners, also called “KununZaki”, is an indigenous Nigerian drink made from whole grains of millet, sorghum or corn.

It is a highly nutritious drink, rich in protein and fiber. It is also packed with lots of vitamins and minerals.

This popular drink can be served at events to give guests a refreshing taste.

how to prepare kunu drink in Nigeria

Procedure for Preparing Kunu

The procedure is quite straight forward, although it takes up to two to three days and you would need to have a blender and sieve to complete the process.

The Ingredients required include:

  • 3 cups of de-hulled Millet
    • 1 medium sized peeled sweet potato (Optional)
    • 2 Medium sized peeled Ginger,
    • 1 tbsp. Cloves
    • Sugar (To taste)
    • Water

Direction for Preparation

  1. The seed is allowed to ferment by soaking for about 48 hours. The water should however, be changed after every seven hours.
  2. Wash the millet seed properly with clean water then add Ginger, Cloves and Sweet potato.
  3. Blend all the Ingredients together until you have a smooth paste while adding water for fine consistency. A blender with sharp blades or grinding mill is recommended.
  4. Sieve the entire content and allow it to settle for about 7 hours, after which you should have a clear fluid above and the thick sediment at the bottom.
  5. Pour off the liquid leaving only the thick sediment.
  6. Split the thick paste into two separate bowls, add hot boiled water into one part and stir (mix for consistency before adding hot boiled water).
  7. Mix the two separated content back together again and stir. Add water until you have achieved the thickness of choice.
  8. Sieve the entire content again to remove the chaff.
  9. Sweeten to taste with sugar, refrigerate and serve chilled.

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