How to Get a Death Certificate in Nigeria


In Nigeria, the National Population Commission is saddled with the responsibility of registering and issuing of death certificate in Nigeria.

Any person who dies in Nigeria is eligible to be registered and this serves as the official and permanent record of the deceased by the State.

A death certificate is then issued to serve as proof of registration of the death.

Conditions for the Registration of Death in Nigeria

  • The death must be registered by the registrar of birth and death in the area where death took place
  • An applicant must have proof of death
  • An applicant must be a blood relative of the deceased
  • Death must be reported within seven (7) days from date of death
  • Death reported after thirty (30) days from date of death and within twelve (12) months may be registered at a fee as may be prescribed by the commission
  • Death reported after twelve (12) months from date of death can only be registered with written authority of the Deputy Chief Registrar

Procedure for Obtaining Death Certificate in Nigeria

  1. A death certificate obtained from the health institution where the death occurred is gotten. If the death occurred outside a health institution, there will be need to apply for one at a hospital.
  2. The certificate obtained above is then taken by the relatively authorized person to the registrar of birth and death in any designated registration centre
  3. The following are the necessary information needed in order to get a death certificate:
  • An application for a death certificate
  • The name of person reporting death
  • The name of the deceased person
  • The date and place of birth of the deceased person
  • The age, sex and marital status of the deceased person at the time of death
  • The time and date of death of the deceased
  • The Place of death
  • The cause of death
  • Details of dependants left behind (Spouse and children)
  • Identification documents of applicant
  • Copy of identification documents of the deceased
  • Death certificate issued by the hospital
  • Proof that the deceased is a blood relative

Upon receipt of an application, the death details as well as the cause of death will be documented and a certificate issued.



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