GTBank Transfer Code: How to Send Money on Your Phone


*737# is the code for transferring money on your phone. This transfer code had been around for quite a while now and it has gained popularity over the years.

GTBank Transfer Code: How to Send Money on Your Phone

The code seems to be the answer to a lot of things at GTBank. For one, it can be used to open a bank account and can also be used to transfer money on your mobile device or even buy air time.

You can follow the description below if you want to transfer money using the *737# code.

Transferring money to a GTBank account

  • First of all, dial *737*1*amount*NUBAN account number# from your phone. Make sure the phone is one that you have already registered with GTBank.
  • After clicking on SEND on your phone, an on-screen prompt will show up. you can follow the prompt accordingly.

Transferring money from your GTBank account to other banks

  • First of all, dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account Number#. The account number this time around is that of the person to whom you want to transfer the money. Make sure you also carry this transaction out using the particular account number you have already registered with GTBank.
  • Next, authenticate the transfer using the last four digits on your GTBank Debit card.

What are the benefits of this process?

The benefits are innumerable. They are highlighted below:

  • This process is very straightforward. It has proved to be more convenient means of transferring funds
  • Another beautiful thing about it is that it is always available for the 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week (24/7).
  • The process is very fast and you may not have to spend more than 10 seconds to complete the transaction.
  • This code makes it very easy to make bank transfer to virtually any other bank in Nigeria.

What are its various features?

Check out the features of the *737# transfer code below:

  • Your daily transaction can never be more than N200,000.
  • You must have registered your phone number with GTBank before you can ever carry out the transaction using that phone number.
  • One of the factors mitigating against this method of money transfer is the issue of mobile network. The process depends heavily on network and only works when the network is good. If the network is bad, on the other hand, the transfer will be delayed and may even take hours before being completed.
  • The money you are transferring using the transfer code will be deducted from the balance in your specified GTBank account.
  • You are required to provide the last four digits of your Naira MasterCard in order to carry out this transaction successfully. This is put in place to improve on your security as a person. This ensures no random person can steal your phone and transfer your money to unapproved account number.

Other uses of *737#

As hinted earlier, the code can also be used in purchasing airtime from your GTBank account to your phone. Also, the phone must be one you have registered with GTBank.  You can also use it to buy airtime for your friend. Another use of the feature is for self top-up of internet data.


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