GTBank Personal Banking: Step by Step Guide

You can easily carry out your banking activities on your phone if you are one of GTBank customers.  Mobile banking makes it very easy to carry out banking transaction without any of the hitches and stress associated with brick and mortar banking. No more queues and no more time wasting events at the bank. Just pick your phone and start banking with ease.


With the GTBank Personal Banking, you can carry out banking transaction in any location of your choice, be it at work or at home.  The GTBank personal banking features can be accessed via any mobile device, be it android, blackberry or ipad.  All you need to do is register for the GTB Online Banking service and you are good to go.

Via the online banking platform, you can carry out transactions at any time convenient for you, even in the middle of the night.  The platform is open 24/7.  The channel is very robust and it is built using state of the art technology, giving their customers unlimited access to their accounts and they can carry out minimum of 90% of all baking transactions imaginable.

What are the features?

The GTBank Personal banking platform has the features highlighted below, which are:

  • Ease of checking account balance and monitoring all transactions
  • Ability to print banking statement right at home if you have a printer attached to your computer.
  • Ability to pay utility bills right online
  • Ability to transfer funds from your account to other accounts, even if the recipient bank is not GTBank.
  • Ability to request for cheque and also confirm or stop cheques.
  • Ability to pay US Visa fee and book for flight tickets on popular airlines.
  • Ability to transfer foreign currencies of various kind, be it Euro, Pounds or Dollars from your domiciliary account to virtually any account in any part of the world.
  • Ability to easily change your password and also update all your personal details.

How you can apply for the GTBank Personal Banking

It starts with completing the Internet banking Application form and also the Token Request Form. The token is important since it helps confers more security on your bank account. The form can be easily downloaded online from GTBank’s website.

After filling the form, you can then scan it and send to Instead of mailing it electronically, you can easily drop the form at any GTBank branch nearest to you.

After completion of the registration process, GTBank will send your login details to you via your email.  You can link up with GTConnet or visit any of the nearest GTBank branches to complain if the email does not get to you on time.

How to access the online banking platform

First of all, visit using your mobile internet browser. When on the site, click on LOGIN and then carefully read the content on the scam alert page before clicking on “Continue”.  On the new page that comes up, provide your User ID and Password that had been sent to you via email by GTBank.  You will have to use the onscreen keyboard to type in the password. You can then carry out any transaction of your choice on the site.


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