Free Bulk SMS: How to Get Them Easily

Your business can go places with the aid of bulk SMS. Bulk SMS enables you to link up with your business partners and clients at a much reduced rate. There is no cheaper way to communicate with your members of staff than with the aid of bulk SMS.

bulk sms

If you have so many clients to contact at the same time, bulk SMS is the best way to communicate with them. It is easier and very cheap. You will end up paying just a fraction of the amount you would have spent on other means of communication.

The amount and time needed to maintain bulk SMS technology is also very low.  With the aid of bulk SMS, you can link up with your clients and partners in a more personal manner. This is because the message gets to them wherever they are.

There are some sites that are giving Nigerians free SMS and you can explore these websites to start sending bulk SMS to your clients. With the aid of free bulk SMS companies, you will not even have to pay anything for the bulk SMS.

The internet is the best place to get companies giving out free bulk SMS.  The free service is offered in various manners.  At times you will be given certain percentage of the amount you should have paid normally.

Percentage discount can also be determined by the quantity of bulk SMS you want to buy. Some can give you up to 2000 units of bulk SMS after buying up to 5000 units.  They can offer free GSM database too domiciled in any state in Nigeria, depending on what you want.

When searching for websites where you can send free bulk SMS, find out if the website meets up with any of the qualities highlighted below:

  • Do they offer free SMS credit once you register with them? Such free SMS credits can be used in sending free bulk SMS. The amount of credit you are able to accrue determines how much free SMS you are able to send.
  • Find out if they allow you to schedule sending of bulk SMS to be delivered at a later date. There is no better way to link up with your clients than this.
  • Find out if you are allowed to upload and also store phone numbers on their website so that you will not have to repeat typing the numbers each time you want to send bulk SMS.
  • Do they provide cell number duplicate remover? This will help remove any repeated or duplicated number from your online phonebook.
  • Find out about their online payment system. Go only for those among them that provide varieties of payment options.
  • Deal only with a service provider that has mobile friendly website, since you may have to access their services on your mobile phone most of the time.
  • Do they offer free api for bulk SMS developers and resellers?
  • Find out also how much each of their bulk SMS credit worth.
  • Find out if the SMS credit has expiry date or not.


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