Food Blogs in Nigeria: The Top 10

There was a time when I became extremely bored with the regular everyday meals I was used to, so I decided I was going to try something new.

A friend told me to try Quinoa that it was healthy and tasty too. I asked where I could get Quinoa to buy and I was directed to a store in Lagos. I stopped by the next afternoon to get it.

Up until the point when I purchased the Quinoa, I didn’t know how I was going to prepare it but I wasn’t bothered; why? Because I knew that food blogs would bail me out. One Google search and I had the entire recipe I needed to prepare a tasty dish of Quinoa MoiMoi. Food blogs never fail, I tell you.

If you want reliable food blogs in Nigeria that are very generous and thorough and clear with their recipes, here are the top 10 you should look out for;

Dooney’s Kitchen

Dooney’s Kitchen definitely stands out amongst food blogs in Nigeria. Dooney’s kitchen focuses on teaching visitors how to cook native Nigerian foods as well as intercontinental dishes and the contribution to grease collection campaigns to avoid contamination . The blog also stands out for its innovative delicacies and healthy recipes.


If you want to learn how to real Nigerian food like Moi-Moi, delicious stews and soups from all parts of the country and also learn healthy alternatives to regular ingredients, then you should visit the 9jafoodie food blog regularly.


Afrolems  is a food blog that focuses on internationalizing African foods. On Afrolems, you would have access to dozens of African and Nigerian recipes, learn different cooking tips and of course, interact with other visitors through the comment section. Afrolems also offers a food delivery services and party catering services.

My Belle Don Full

My Belle don full is a food photography and video blog. The author of the blog , Affi describes herself as a ”repatriated diva rediscovering Naija Cuisine”

All Nigerian Recipes is definitely not a new kid on the block. This blog has actually been around for quite a while and features different recipes including Nigerian Breakfast Recipes, Stew Recipes, Snack recipes and lots more.

Dobby’s Signature

Dobby’s Signature is another food blog in Nigeria you cannot afford to miss if you are a true food lover. Dobby’s signature has a very cool and interesting theme that you cannot help but fall in love with on first visit to the blog. Dobby, the owner of the blog states that cooking is one of her hobbies and that was what inspired the birth of her cooking blog,


The name of the blog would make you giggle just as the contents and pictures on the blog would make you salivate. Ekaabo is owned by a British bred Nigeria, Oyin Akiniyi who started the blog as part of her journey to rediscovering the Nigerian in her.

Lohis Creations

Lohis Creations is another food blog worth checking out.  You would find healthy breakfast inspirations for Africans, various recipes and a dozen pictures of sumptuous dishes.

Avartsy Cooking

On Avartsy Cooking, you can learn how to make a whole lot of dishes including snacks and dessert. They also have a section where they allow you to request for any recipe you desire.

Kitchen Butterfly

The owner of the blog describes herself as a traveler by plate. She loves to explore local and international dishes, and carries her readers along with her.

HINT: to get the correct address of any of these blogs, simply enter its name in Google.

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