DSTV Nigeria Website: Here’s The Correct Address!


DSTV is a leader in the Pay television industry. The company was founded in 1995 and it has its headquarters in South Africa.  Its services are focused on Africa alone.  DSTV offers one of the broadest direct broadcast satellite services in the world.  This television services has won accolades the world over. Their present slogan is Feel Every Moment.

DSTV Nigeria Website: Here’s The Correct Address!

DSTV provides different types of bouquets in religion, music, children programs, commerce, news, documentaries, sport, lifestyle & culture, movies and general entertainment. There is also a channel dedicated to multichoice consumers.

As at today, DSTV has up to 8 million people in its subscription.  Their most customers are from Nigeria and South Africa.  If the truth must be told, the Nigerian market and the South African market are the most important markets owned by DSTV.

Aside the Nigerian and South African markets, other markets where the South African satellite TV service providers are operating are Tanzania, Mauritius, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Angola, Kenya and a host of others.

Number of subscribers in these other countries is very small compared with what obtains in either Nigeria or South Africa.

DSTV has a number of decoders and each of them costs differently. Some of the types of decoder are standard decoder, Explora and Drifta decoder. Their website is at www.DStv.com.

The site is very easy to navigate and you can get virtually all needed information about DSTV on the site. You can get TV guide, information about competitions and various services offered by DSTV. You can also get to order for your decider right online.




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