DSTV Call Centre Contact Number & Office Address in Nigeria

DSTV has thousands of subscribers in Nigeria being the leading pay TV service in Nigeria and due to the numbers of subscribers there are bound to be issues. There are several ways to contact DSTV in Nigeria, their call centre is the best way of contacting them, however be warned that it may take several minutes before you talk to an agent so you are adviced to recharge your line with at least N500 so you don’t get disconnected.

Find the DSTV Call Centre Contact Number in Nigeria and other ways of contacting them below:

DSTV Nigeria Customer Care Service

Phone: 1 270 3232 or 080 3900 3788
Fax: 01 270 3256

DSTV Nigeria Contact Address

1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State
1 270 3232 or 080 3900 3788
Fax 01 270 3256

DSTV Nigeria Email Address

e-mail: dstv@nigeria.multichoice.co.za
e-mail: dstv@mwebnigeria.com

179 thoughts on “DSTV Call Centre Contact Number & Office Address in Nigeria”

  1. What kind of problem is this,
    How can you call to tell me to subscribe, which I did 10400 for my package and I’m not logged in since yesterday, your customer care is not reachable, please do something. It’s bullshit. 7029616612

  2. I made payment for two months subscription but at the end of the first month today I am disconnected
    Smart card number
    Please help to reconnect me

  3. I made payment on 7042625998 my decoder details since 27/5. Surprisingly you were calling asking me to renew but after renewal more than 12hours you did not reconnect.

  4. I paid for yanga 2,565 package yesterday 24th March ,I have not been subscribed since yesterday. Been calling your line but no response. This is iuc 7038641725. Chukwudiegwu… Please do the needful. Thank you

  5. I paid for my neighbor’s gotv through my bank I was debited #2460 and #18400 respectively I want my #18400 reverted but since 24th of December 2020 nothing done I have sent a lot emails to no avail

  6. I subscribe to my DStv cable TV padi package yesterday through first Bank mobile app of #1850.00 I was debited twice then my decoder is not recharge . Name: SALAHUDEEN SEFIU ADEYEMI IUC no: 7033895377. Phone no: 08030603468

  7. please what is happening to ur customer care number have been calling it since morning it was not going at all , just to explain myself that l mistakenly loaded on different package which was 6350 and 4650 due to the network problem and that particular subscription not showing since morning.pls help to rectify the issue, split it to two different months with dis IUC-7029737343.ASHAFA DARE

  8. I paid 2600 yesterday on the 1/9/20 to renew my my subscription for the yanga package. Until now it hasn’t come on. My smart card number is 7018386585. My name is Edem Ifeanyi.

  9. DSTV care. What is happening to my account? I paid N6,9750 since yesterday for compact single view and my account is still disabled. All your numbers are not connecting. my details 1017543461

  10. Good morning DSTV I have make a subscription of 2300 this morning up to now my subscription is not working and I have tried reaching out to your customer service is not going through can you please help out. This is the number 10498909273. Thank you.

  11. I made a payment on Wednesday which is DStv yanga package up till date it has not come up please check where the problem came from here is my smartcard number 1046327401 thanks

  12. please i paid 6,800 narira this Morning still never dstv service , can you please check the problem asap , My decorder numner is 7029648456 and my name is Dimeji .

  13. I subscribed yesterday, but to this moment I am not connected. I supposed any time someone makes payment his or her connection should be automatic.Pls connect me.

  14. I have made 2225 sub but got a message the my account has been suspended,all customer care line switched off,help and rectify.. IUC 7039756691.so sad I couldn’t be able to watch a match.

    • I recharged #2225 on the 16th of July,immediately received a debit alert and checked my channels been fully loaded back but couldn’t view anything aside The Dish Channel and Nigeria Television Authority Channel. Afterwards,I called the Customer care line ceaselessly but were all not going through! What’s happening please ????????????????????????????

  15. Hello DStv
    Pls help clear E16 error
    I made a payment for access package on 16th of June 2020, l paid for the cable subscription through an online platform called TheMainCeos, but I have not been reconnected and my channels are still blocked, This is my IUC no. is 1049892050

    • Hello DStv
      Pls help clear E16 error
      I made a payment for access package on 4th of July 2020, l paid for the cable subscription through my first bank app, but I have not been reconnected and my channels are still blocked, This is my smart card number 10218551306
      Thank you

  16. Hello Dstv
    I use an explorer decoder and subscribed for compact plus with PVR but the PVR is not working.
    My smart card number is 4275990347.
    Thank you.

  17. DStv please I made a mistake of choosing the extra view access and that’s not what I want
    Please how can it be rectified because I have subscribed to the DStv yanga now. Now DStv Owes me 2255 for the extra view. My IUC no: 7034328036

  18. Dear DStv
    I made payment of two thousand naira only to renew my subscription on the 8/9 of June and up till now I have not been able to access the account.
    10409690715( day. Account) the payment was made from my fcmb account, kindly assist.

    • I made a payment for confam package today through my access mobile and it has not come up to my decoder number 1020963082. Pls help me to rectify it.

  19. I’m using xtraview but have been getting error code E143-0 from my secondary decoder and my primary decoder works well. I’ve checked the connections of diplexers they are ok. Though this issue started when I upgraded my primary decoder. My smart card number is 7033910211

  20. I subscribed my DStv but it is not working. When I texted RESET TO 30333, all their told me was that my account is suspended. My IUC smart card number is 7029733990

    • A message was sent to me that if I subscribe to conferm package I will be upgraded to compact package within 48 hrs I hv subscribe since on the 6th of April 2020 till date I have not been upgra6

  21. Dear DSTV,

    I made payment for my DSTV subscription on the 26th of March 2020. Up till now it has not been reconnected. It was just showing error “E16-4 – This channel is blocked because it may not be part of your package or your services may have been suspended”.
    My card no. Is 1028325427. Kindly attend to this. Thank you. Mr. Emmanuel Adeoye

  22. I’ve made payment using my gtbank mobile app for 30 minutes now and it’s still not up. I’ve called all DSTV customer service number and all to no avail and I’ve also sent RESET several times and all I get is my account has been suspended. Please do something ASAP. 1028448600 is my smart card number.

  23. I made a payment using my GTB mobile banking services and for over 30mins its still not up. I have sent RESET to 30333 and RA to 30333 countless times and they keep saying my account is suspended. Please do something asap. My smart card number is 7030679431. Package is DSTV compact.

  24. Hi dstv care , I am Olusanya Kujembola my dstv has been suspended and now I ‘ve paid up my IUC:7021870242 #2000 06/03/2020 and I’ve not been able to view it please help me out. Thanks

  25. Hello multi choice,
    I made a payment of 6800 for my dstv sub through first bank mobile transfer and until now the channels has refused to show. Your kind assistance will be highly appropriated.

    IUC. 7034420685.

  26. Dear Multi choice,
    I made a Payment of #2,000 for my dstv decoder for the past 29hours via zenith bank online transfer and till now,the decoder is yet to be activated.
    My IUC number-70217639122. Your prpmpt response in resolving this will be highly appreciated.
    Warm Regards,
    Charles (Lagos-Nigeria)

  27. Good morning, I made a payment through online for a customer yesterday by 02:17pm for dstv access yet he cannot view any channel. He’s been on my neck and threatened to arrest me today. Please reconnect him. His IUC number is 7042729960. Thank you

    • Please DStv your customer service is worst.you treat Nigerian customer low class.you treat South Africans as king.your customer services number is switched off.i payed for my subscription today through internet banking.i sent clear errors to 33033 still yet is not showing.i sent about 4sms at the cost 20pers sms.you are just exploiting Nigeria’s.one day you will pay for it.this my DStv no 1056353355

  28. Hi,
    I made my subscription on 14/2/2020 using my Polaris bank mobile app @ about 19:34pm until now been 15/2/2020 it is still not showing.
    My iuc 7022274743 a compact bouquet of 6,800 Naira.
    All your mobile care number on the internet isn’t going through.
    Please do the needful.


  29. I made a payment for a customer for dstv compact and till now no channel is showing. This is the smartcard card no. 10593979288. Kindly do the needful because the customer is on my neck.

  30. I dont know what the shit dstv is doing
    Dstv Care, I have been trying your care no over and over again and its not been reachable. I have made 4k payment for family bouquets but you haven’t reconnect it. Here is my IUC: 7031067462 gt bank

  31. My last subscription is 4000 and now I subscribe to 2000 and my decoder is now showing,I even want to reset it and is showing poor signal strength..
    7039862342 that is my card number.

    • Please I just paid 4200 plus 100 charge for DSTV family bouquet plus extra view, but it’s not showing rather it’s showing message from E16-4.please help me resolve it. My Sc number is 425844162

    • I just paid for Access bouquet with my explorer decider smart card no: 42822574358 and paid for PVR 2200 at Ikeja city Mall but the PVR is not working. Pls effect it now

  32. I did the subscription on dstv access, that is #2000, twice. My dstv didn’t load so I had to use d gtb code and I’ve been debited three times. It’s my school fee please, help me o

  33. Good day, please I made a payment yesterday through mobile app till now the channels are not coming i have switch off and on several times, Please I want you dstv to rectify the fault for my channels to come. my IUC number: 7021929029.

  34. Kindly assist as I subscribed my office DSTV since Sept 2019, and since then till now I can’t access it. The IUC NUMBER IS 1049912601. ACCESS BANK UYO BRANCH. Thanks.

  35. My name is obayeju,I paid five months subscription on my dstv account,but only two months was credited to my dstv subscription,the remaining three months was not credited to my dstv subscription,I paid this money since June 3rd 2019,I have been to my back many times I was told the problem is with dstv please do something before litigation comes in thanks this my iuc number 7020714091

  36. Please help me reactivate my account with smart card no 1030601884.

    I paid dstv access N2000 yesterday with this code *389*10306018838# instead of using *389*1030601883#. The access bank I used for the transaction was debited with N2000.
    Please try to reactivate my account because of the wrong *389*10306018838#

  37. Please my name is Innocent Okafor, with Smart card number 7026307782 I paid N4100 on June 1,2019 I was debited twice I didn’t know due to network, I repeated on June 2,2019 and I was debited twice again which is a total of N16400.what will I do?

  38. Hi and Good day. Just made a subscription on my DStv and its still not active. 1020874585 that’s the smart card number. Kindly look into it

  39. Good morning sirs,

    My name is Mohammed Rafiu Oladipupo I did #2,000 subscription yesterday evening 28th of May 2019, the stations is not coming up still showing 100 dish this is my first subscription on it because when I purchased I have one month subscription on it for free. Please what is the solution to the problem?.

    Thank you,

  40. My name is Olusola Aje. My smart card no is 10209879054 but I mistakingly made a payment to 10209870054 yesterday through GTBANK account no 0021080905.(#2000) Access bouquet. Your transaction reference is 268826974583. Could you please help reverse the subscription to my account. I have a screenshot of the bank and your reference transactions.Thank you.

  41. Hello,

    Please, I subscribed for dstv family bouquet and I am not able to watch… Why do you like frustrating your customers?


    Kindly rectify.

    Thank you.

  42. Hello, for the past 2days my DStv has been showing, we are confirming your subscription. This may take a few minutes. 41195202006. Can someone assist. Thank you


    MY CARD NUMBER: 4252 2689464

  44. Hello DSTV. I renewed my subscription ONLINE 3 days ago (with N4000) but my account is yet to be activated. My DSTV card number is 7021895738

  45. I made a payment of N4,000 just a week ago and the truth of the matter is it has been showing on my decoder channel 100 only. what kind of operation is this? when i was not around you kept on disturbing me but now that am around what am i enjoying channel 100.please quickly rectify this error right away.
    My decoder number is 41222021622

  46. Please, I recharged for Compact plus (N6950) and I am getting family bouquet. So many channels not showing, I am not even getting CNN International, DMX Radios, MTV Base, MNet Movie zone etc. please do something to activate the channels for my payment. my no is 7029516913

  47. Dear Dstv, I am very unhappy with your services, I had to pay 4000 just to be enable to watch food network and BET, only to find out that these 3 channels I watch are not there. I think and very sure it’s unporpous because before I renewed I got a call which I was ask my favorite channels only to do that so that I can upgrade to another plan. It’s unfortunate and so sad that you guys have succeeded taking me off Dstv now. I can do without Dstv now but just have to say it out.

  48. l subscribe GOtv for a customer through Recharge and get paid platform on Monday 19_3_2019 around 4:10 pm with Lucy 4622432094 and l paid twice,#4000,l want you people to extend it to 2month or you refund me.The account is for Mr Peter Umeojiaku from Lagos.Thanks

  49. I paid for my Dstv on 1017215110 for three months, I only viewed for one month and have been cut off. I need the company to also look into my account details and instruct the UBA PLC to please return my two months money that was paid in excess which did not reflect in my account. am desperate pls to have my money back. am ikeanyijoe

  50. I paid for Gotv plus yesterday with my access mobile app(1900 IUC -4613252571) but the E16 error code is still displayed till this.I have to make another payment of (2880 for Gotv max before it was activated.
    Pls what happened to the 1900 I paid for Gotv plus.

  51. Dear DSTV,

    I’m paga agent and helped a customer subscribe since on the 9th of February, 2019, it worked for 2days and has stopped working since. Pls what do I do as have called and it hasn’t been rectify and the customer isn’t taking No for an answer. Pls help

  52. Dear DSTV,

    I’m paga agent and helped a customer subscribe since on the 9th of February, 2019, it worked for 2days and has stopped working since. Pls what do I do as have called and it hasn’t been rectify.

  53. I just subscribe my gotv now and it was suspended immediately why? the problem is there is no movement today.election is going on , pls u have to activate it immediately. my children’s are crying they want to watch cartoon.

  54. I have made payment since yesterday my subscription expired and till night it has nit been activated, i even sent a mail no response, and this night i chatted with Damilola and she promised gettimg back to me, till now no response

  55. Hello I saw a message on December 18 to pay before 21 to enjoy a month free subscription which I did but my station was scrambled off yesterday. But online it’s still saying till 2_18_2019 and
    stations are not working. Please help urgently. Thanks iuc 2028687813

  56. I subscribed to my gotv on d 18th of December 2018 which I was been called and massage that I will be given extra month as to expire 18 of February wt an extra month bonus. To my surprise my sub. As expired. My iuc number is 4622366545.pls restore my bonus as promised to ensure my continuous partnership with you, if not I will see your company as a scammer. Coz u scam me. Thanks.

  57. My Gotv subscription was due to expire on 22nd Oct but I recharged b4 d due date as a result of the added Gotv Max channels from 19th – 26th. I was surprised to discover my Gotv was blocked on the 26th of Oct which was supposed to be expiration date of the Gotv Max added channels.
    Kindly assist restore my Gotv as I’ll be discouraged to continue if this is not fixed. My IUC number is 4613053280

  58. I subscribed on the 29 September 2018 with 2000 Naira and on the 12/10/18 my subscription was discontinued, this is just after 2 weeks. My Card no is 41222059879

  59. i swapped my gotv decoder and forgot to subscribe with the new IUC number but rather gave my form IUC number for new subscription.

    my former IUC number is 2009551526 and my new IUC number is 7026496270

    please help me. i paid 3200 for OTV max in the former decoder. help me to transfer it to the new decoder.


  60. I made 2 payments of #1,900 each before dstv increased their subscription package fees as suggested by their SMS message to me. Without consulting me, dstv upgraded my package. All efforts to complain failed. I was finally able to make contact through Facebook. Now I have been disconnected. Pls restore my Access bouquet SC 4256925883

  61. please i paid #6,360naira yesterday still never have dstv service, can you please check the problem asap. my decorder number is 7020756476 and my name is Stephen Anike, 08029470081 or 09074514141

  62. Hello,my dstv has been suspended from viewing even after I have made subscription yesterday. My card number is 7016741999.
    Thanks in anticipation

    • Pls help me clear error E16,I paid for access, #2000 Naija, yet is not showing me anything, my smart card number is 42737242232. Ian in Abuja, jikwoyi. Thanks.

    • Dstv Care, I have been trying your care no over 2days and its not been reachable. I have made 4k payment for family bouquets but you haven’t reconnect it. Here is my IUC: 7029726246, First Bank

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