Apple Store in Abuja


Nigerians are among the largest people, who patronizes of Apple products. Apple products may be somewhat expensive, but Nigerians are still able to get these products. Such is however limited to the high and mighty in the society, who can afford these products.


Some of the products they produce are Apple TV digital media player, Apple Watch smartwatch, iPod portable media player, Mac personal computer, iPad tablet computer, iPhone Smartphone and other hardware products.

Aside hardware, they have series of software products on sale too. Good examples are iWork, iLife, Safari web browser and iCloud bypass, iTunes media player, iOS operating system and OS X operating system. They offer various online services, like iCloud, Mac Apple Store, iOS App Store and iTunes Store

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The company was founded in April 1976. It was however incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. in January of 1977.  It got its present name, Apple Inc., in January of 2007.  The company joined Dow Jones Industrial Average in March of 2015.

Apple stores are open in many Nigerian cities, like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja.

Apple Store Address in Abuja

The Abuja address of Apple stores is located at 36, Ceddi Plaza, Tafawa Balewa Way, Central Abuja, Nigeria. Their telephone numbers are 08028365356 and 094602195.

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The outlet is very big indeed and they make available different forms of Apple products. You can equally buy Apple products accessories here.  They have in stock various laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones among which you can make your choice.

The outlet is open from Monday to Saturday. They open 8 am and close 6 pm. They however do not open on Sundays.



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