Top 10 Most Peaceful States in Nigeria

Nigeria is a large country with 36 states. To many outside of its borders, Nigeria is largely portrayed as an unsafe country. This is because of news of terrorism such as with Boko Haram attacks on residents and citizens of the country. There is also the case of occasional kidnapping and armed attacks. However, these are largely restricted to certain parts of the country. For example, kidnapping is largely associated with the Niger-Delta region while bombing and terrorist challenges largely refer only to the North East of Nigeria. Nigeria has many other safe parts that are completely peaceful and suitable for residency and visitation. This article covers the top 10 most peaceful states in Nigeria.

Top 10 Most Peaceful States in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Peaceful States in Nigeria

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Enugu State

The capital of Enugu state is Enugu city. This is one of the safest states in Nigeria. This state is predominantly populated by the Ibos. It is also situated in the eastern part of the country. Enugu city is filled with businessmen and women who go about their various businesses passionately. Visitors or tourists will love the cool, sub-tropical weather of the city. There are also other tourist attractions such as the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, the Polo Park Mall, Milken Hills, Udi Hills, etc. You should also know that Enugu was the proposed (and operational capital of Biafra). You will find many historical monuments and facts in this state.

Ekiti State

Ekiti State is one of the safest in Nigeria. It is situated in South-West, Nigeria. The city is predominantly populated by Yoruba. However, because of the peaceful nature of the state, you will find many other tribes here who are either visiting, doing business or who reside here. Aside from the fact that Ekiti state is very warm and welcoming to visitors, you must also know that the state qualifies as one of the cheapest to live in or visit, in terms of food and accommodation. The crime rate is relatively low. People enjoy the nightlife without the fear of attacks or kidnappings.

Osun State

Osun state is situated at the heartland of Yorubaland. Osun state is close to Ilorin, the old city of Ibadan and Lagos state (the former capital and commercial centre of Nigeria) Osun is one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria to visit or reside in. The state is majorly populated by Yorubas who are warm and welcoming to strangers. It is almost impossible to hear of a bomb attack or gunshots in Osun state.

Oyo State

Ibadan is one of the oldest cities in Nigeria. It also is one of the most peaceful cities in the country and best to visit or live in. Ibadan is often referred to as the ‘city of brown roofs’, this is because of the ancient feel and look of the city. The people of the state are warm and welcoming to visitors. They are also peace-loving. If you are a tourist interested in sightseeing, you have many options to pick from in Ibadan that will leave you with memorable experiences. These are The National Museum of Unity, The Irefin Palace, The Army Pool Reserve, The Laomos Palace amongst others. Ibadan is also less than two hours drive to Lagos – the commercial hub of Nigeria.

Akure, Ondo State

Ondo State is perfectly safe to both visit and or live in. In addition to the safety of the state, prices of foodstuff, and the overall cost of living in Akure is cheap or at the very least affordable for the working class. If you reside in Ondo state or are simply there on a visit, you will be able to save the rest of your funds for other purposes. In addition to its safety, the nightlife of the Ondo state is very attractive. It also has structures that are overall impressive enough to attract tourists. The warmness and hospitality of the Ondo people are also impressive.

Kwara State

Ilorin is home to the popular Nigerian university called; the University of Ilorin. This is one of the country’s most respected institutions of higher learning. Ilorin is a family-friendly environment with a low crime rate. Many, even in Nigeria underrate this beautiful state. However, all you need is one visit and you will constantly wonder why anyone would fail to love a city that is perfect for relaxation and super ideal for family life. Tourist attractions to check out while in Kwara state includes Owu falls and Esie Museum.

Jigawa state

Jigawa State is one of the safest states in Northern Nigeria. Although Jigawa is bordered to the northeast by Yobe, a state that has been the major brunt of insurgency plaguing the country, Jigawa state remains one of the safest northern states in Nigeria. The Boko Haram, as well as the Fulani Herdsmen, have not been able to infiltrate this state.

Sokoto state

This is another of the safest states in Northern Nigeria. The Sokoto Caliphate which is majorly dominated by Fulani experiences great peace and calm. There has hardly been conflicts of any kind in Sokoto; whether tribal, cultism or religious. Residents of the Sokoto State have nothing to worry about in terms of security. There are also lots of employment opportunities available in the state, which includes fishing and fish production

Kebbi state

Kebbi State used to be a part of Sokoto State. Kebbi state was created in 1991. The state is arguably one of the safest in the north with its calm and serenity. Apart from its general safety, residents of Kebbi state also enjoy a low cost of living.

Makurdi, Benue State

Benue state and in particular Makurdi, its capital is a relatively unpopular city in Nigeria. However, it is one of the safest in the country. The city comprises mainly of the Tiv people and other tribes such as the Idoma, Ibo, and Itulo. It is so far one the most hospitable city in the whole of Nigeria. It is also a safe place to live, work, or visit. It is said that in Benue state, it is considered an act of hostility to refuse an invitation to eat free food from one’s host. The general cost of living is very low in Benue state.




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