Top 10 Most Popular Phone Brands in Nigeria


In this article, we bring you the top 10 Smartphone brands in Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world, but that is not all, Nigeria has definitely a big market for the sale of phones. There are many smartphone brands that have entered the Nigerian market and have left but some others have stood the test of time and show no signs of leaving the ever-profitable Nigeria market anytime soon. If you are a Nigerian and looking to buy a smartphone in Nigeria, you should check out this post on the smartphone brands as well as the common issues like snapchat notifications not working iphone.

Top 10 Most Popular Phone Brands in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Popular Phone Brands in Nigeria

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Apple is a famous smartphone brand in Nigeria that is popular mostly for its mobile products, the iPhone. In a gathering of 100 people, you’re most likely to see at least 25 people using an iPhone. The Apple iPhone has marked itself as one of the few premium smartphone brands in the country. The use of the phone is associated with a certain kind of prestige. Apple is one of the best phone brands in Nigeria market. You can also easily walk into an offline phone store/shop in order to purchase an iPhone. You can also purchase an Apple product on almost all the top online eCommerce platforms in Nigeria.


Samsung has been a major player in the Nigeria phone market from time immemorial. In fact, Samsung remains one of the earliest pioneers of Android-based smartphones in the Nigeria market. Samsung phones are also popular in Nigeria. They are relatively easy to purchase and Samsung Repair. Samsung used to be the top phone brand in Nigeria with more than one-third share in the total smartphone market. With 23% of the market, the brand remains a prominent player in the phone market and is king of the premium smartphone segment in Nigeria. Samsung devices that are still popular in the country include devices from the (now-discontinued) Galaxy J series, A-series, Galaxy S series, and Note series. You can purchase a Samsung product on most e-Commerce platforms and offline phone stores.


Tecno Mobile entered and dominated the Nigeria smartphone market by offering “ultra-affordable” devices to customers. It was particularly welcome because it came at a time when smartphone prices were unbelievably expensive. Ever since then, the Tecno brand has become a household name in the phone industry; widely accepted by most Nigerians and yet offering a chance to use a brand that can be reckoned with. It is one of the best phone products in Nigeria. Tecno is in fact the most widely used smartphone brand in Nigeria. The brand holds more than 25% of the market share. Tecno is not only the king when it comes to mobile phones but also in the tablet segment. Here, Tecno holds the top position with the most market share (about 31%). With this, Tecno is by far the largest smartphone brand in Nigeria. Since its re-introduction into the market years ago, Tecno has won the hearts of millions of Nigeria by offering affordable alternatives to existing products in the market. Before the arrival of the brand, many could not conveniently have access to smartphones. to offer


Infinix is another smartphone brand that is very popular in the Nigeria market. Not surprisingly, it is owned and operated by Transsion Holding, the same parent company that owns the Tecno brand. The Infinix product won a huge part of the Nigeria market by focusing on providing smartphones that are affordable for the average Nigerian. Since Infinix is also owned by Transsion Holdings — who had first experimented with the Tecno Mobile and was successful, it was quite easy for the company to sell Infinix phones to Nigerians. In a space of one year, the Infinix phones had moved upwards from being the fourth most used smartphone brand (with 6% market share) to the second most used device (with 18.75%) in Nigeria.


Nokia is another popular smartphone brand in Nigeria. The company also holds a huge market share in the phone segment in Nigeria. In 2017, it was reported that Nokia gained more than 6% market share due to the impressive performance of its product and the wide acceptance of the company’s Nokia 105 device. The company has gained even more market share with the release of new smartphones into the market. Such phones include the Nokia 8, Nokia 8.1, and Nokia 8 Sirocco flagship devices.


Gionee is another popular phone brand in the Nigeria smartphone market. Gionee is well-known for providing affordable and battery-focused devices. Its popular devices are the “Marathon M” and “A series.” It is estimated that Gionee owns about 8% market share in the Nigeria smartphone scene.


Just like Infinix and Tecno, affordability is a major focus of iTel products. The iTel brand is in fact owned and operated by Transsion Holdings. The cheapest smartphones in the country are made by iTel. Well, that said, the phone brand is very popular. It controls about 6 – 10% market share in the Nigeria smartphone market. It is also one of the top-selling phones in Nigeria.


The HTC brand stands for High Tech Computer. In fact, its name used to be a High Tech Computer Corporation. Nowadays, it is popularly known as HTC corporation. HTC is a Taiwanese company best known for manufacturing smartphones and tablets. Many Nigerians love HTC products.


Huawei Technologies Co., Limited is a popular brand name in Nigeria. Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology company, that provides telecommunications equipment and other consumer electronics such as smartphones. Over the years, the brand has seen an increased love for its products because of its innovation. Its brand also offers products based on budget/mid-range offerings. Huawei currently has 3% of the Nigerian smartphone market.


Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company. Its products are becoming more popular in Nigeria. These products include the Xiaomi Mi series and Xiaomi Redmi series.






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