Top 10 Cleanest States in Nigeria

When deciding what location to settle in, the cleanliness of the environment is one you should look out for. Cleanliness and proper hygiene are important to the healthy living of families, including young and old. Nigeria is a country with 36 states, this article compiles a list of the cleanest states in the country.

Have you ever thought about what states will count as the cleanest states in Nigeria? These ones are those with the best hygiene and environmental friendliness based on factors such as legitimate wastewater frameworks, adequate waste disposal, and even government efforts through activities and strategies. Below is a list of the ten cleanest states in Nigeria where you can be sure to live healthily.

Top 10 Cleanest States in Nigeria

Top 10 Cleanest States in Nigeria

 Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom has won the cleanest state in Nigeria. The state is located in the south-south region of the country. Currently, it is also the largest oil and gas producing state in Nigeria. The capital of Akwa Ibom is Uyo. Uyo is also often regarded as the most beautiful city in Nigeria. Uyo, the state capital, has lots of attractions. The peace and quietness of the city of Uyo is one of the main attractions for visitors and foreigners. In spite of the fact that the typical cost of living in Uyo is very high because of the cost of basic food, many do not mind because of the safety of the city. Uyo has a low record of misconduct. Uyo has an expanded level of infrastructure development and definitely deserves special attention. Areas of attraction in Uyo include The Ibom Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, the Ibom Tropicana Resort with the world-class stadium.


Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and is the second on the list of cleanest states. Not only is Abuja clean, but it is also considered to be one of the most developed areas in the country. The first thing you will notice if you take a visit to Abuja is that the development there is properly planned, you will find this on the roads and structures. This is also why the state is one of the most expensive to live in and has many activities and movements going on there. Abuja is also the nation’s seat of power; headquarters of government agencies are located here. This is another reason the state makes one of the top cleanest. Abuja is also a good vacation spot, speaking of a number of developments and rare views, it is also a good place of residence for those who want to settle with families.

 Cross River State

Cross River is located in south-eastern Nigeria. The state is host to lots of tourist attractions, including the Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort, an organized trade zone, a seaport, and an airport. These, all added up with its neatness, and order makes it such a beautiful state. Cross River is also marked by the prevalence of law and order. Calabar is the capital of Cross River state. Calabar has a variety of delicious delicacies, designs, and celebrations, such as the Calabar Carnival, which takes place every year and is called Africa’s largest street party. Calabar is one place to visit in Nigeria because of its perfect indigenous life and other social ensembles.

 Enugu State

Enugu is referred to as the “coal city”. This is due to the mining activities that go on in the state. Enugu is located in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. The capital of Enugu state is Enugu. Enugu has great street structure, state-of-the-art structures, buildings, and shopping centers. It is considered one of the most experienced urban areas in Nigeria. It also has many vacation destinations such as the Iva Valley (coal mine), the popular Nmanwu Culture Festival, and the state-run Nike Holiday Resort.

 Lagos State

Lagos state is one of the busiest and smallest in landmass in the country. It is the economic capital of the country and also the nation’s business centre. In spite of the state’s busyness, it has clean urban areas such as Ikeja, Victoria Island. The capital of Lagos state is Ikeja maintains a cool and peaceful state with first-class structures such as shopping centres and state reservation zones.

 Imo State

This is another state to look out for in terms of cleanliness. The capital of Imo state is Owerri. Owerri is often applauded for its serenity. The proximity of accommodation spaces, main streets, clubs and other relaxation centres make the state-organized. All of these give this clean state a calm and peaceful view.

Ondo State

Akure, the capital of Ondo state, is known for its great landscape, geography and expanse of land and space which gives it a natural outlook and a great relaxation centre. It is one of the cleanest states in Nigeria.

Kaduna State

Kaduna state is located in the northern part of the country. The state is equipped with state-of-the-art structures. It is also a safe place to live and visit in Northern Nigeria.

Delta State

As a state rich in oil assets, environmental security and sanitation is one to be prioritized. This makes Delta state one of the cleanest states in Nigeria.

Rivers State

The cities of Port Harcourt (capital of Rivers state) and Bonny Island (also located in Rivers state) are both considered to be two of the cleanest cities in Nigeria. Port Harcourt offers great views of developments and great roads. Bonny Island is an inland island located in the southern part of the state. Bonny Island is home to various global oil organizations such as Royal Dutch Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Agip, and Elf.

The island is also surrounded on its west and south sides by extensive coastlines. This makes it a major tourist attraction and vacation site. Another vacation spot is Finima Nature Park. Bonny Island is close to the city of Port Harcourt, the state capital. Port Harcourt is also home to numerous companies. It is perhaps the richest city in Nigeria and most expensive to live in.


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