Perfect Money in Nigeria: How to Fund & Use

Perfect money is one of the most popular electronic currencies in Nigeria and it has also become a very popular one too over the years. In Nigeria today, perfect money exchanges higher than other electric currencies, like PayPal and Skrill. Perfect money enables its customers to carry out instant payment of charges online and also carry out instant money transfer. The system is highly secure and no need to have any special knowledge in order to make use of it.

Perfect money is a global financial service and anyone can use it from around the world. One advantage it has over several other financial services is that it does not place any restriction on any country, unlike outlets like PayPal that restricts certain countries from participating, including Nigeria.

While PayPal may seem to be allowing Nigerian on their platform, Nigerians can only send money with PayPal; they cannot receive money, which is a very big limitation.

Perfect money started in 2008 and it grew rapidly to become an HYIP Fund payment System. The service is also available in many languages. This way, customs from across the globe can make use of it without stress.  The platform is only developed to work with only two international currencies, which are the EUR and the USD.  You can also transact in Gold Metal on the platform.

The payment system got incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland. Lots of people would like to know how to operate Perfect Money account and you will be given instructions on how to do it below.

How to open perfect money account

The process is very simple and it starts from their website. Just visit their official website, then follow all the instructions that they have laid down on the website. The registration process is quite straight forward.  Before proceeding with the registration, read up their terms and conditions and then click on the Sign Up Button .

After this, a new page will pop up. On this new page, you will be required to provide your profile information and make sure that the information you provide is true. You are required to provide your name, which will be different from your login name or your username.

You are also required to provide your postal address and this is the means via which Perfect Money will communicate with you if such need arises in the future. Aside that you also need to provide your telephone number as well as your fax number and this will be used for the SMS authentication in the future. When it comes to “Account Type”, you are required to tell them about your social status.

Once you complete the area labeled “protection from automatic registration” you are required to carefully go through the Terms and rules of using the system.  You can now decide whether you want to accept these terms or not. Once you accept the terms, you become legal bounded by them.

You are required to specify the name of your account as this name will get displayed any time you receive email or you send email with your account.  The information you provide during registration includes account name, your name, your city, address, country, state or province, zip or postal code, email and phone number. After this, you will specify your account type and complete other required field then click on sign up.

How to fund perfect money account

After signing up at perfect money, the next thing to do is to fund the account and start transacting across the globe.  The process of account opening on perfect money website is very straightforward with no ambiguity.  The first thing to do is to load your account and you can use several methods to get this done. It will make it possible to get your wallet transformed into virtual wallet.

There is the direct funding option for loading your account.  To use this option, all you have to do is to login to your Perfect Money account and then click on the Deposit link.  Afterward, click on any of the links below, like:

  • Wire transfer
  • Moment Bank Transfer
  • Direct Deposit
  • Money terminals

It must be noted that the direct deposit option is not available to all countries. It is only available in counties like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.  On the other hand, the Money Terminals option is only available in countries like Ukraine and Russia.

The various funding option

The funding options below are available by means of perfect money certified partners and they are:

  • Western union/Moneygram
  • Visa/MasterCard/visas.
  • Wire transfer
  • Other e-monetary forms

How to make withdrawal from your perfect money account

The process is very simple and straightforward. You can easily concert perfect money electronic currency to actual money or just any other payment tool.  You can use the Bank Transfer option to carry out your cash withdrawal.

If you want to withdraw from your perfect money account and deposit into your bank account, visit the “Withdrawal” section of the website. Once you are on this page, select the bank transfer option and then fill in all the information required. Your bank is expected to provide all the information required for this.

Make sure that the information you have provided are filled out correctly and nothing is left unattended to.  If things are done right, the website will automatically generate withdrawal slip for you.  You will get the fund in your bank account in just 24 hours after carrying out the transaction on the Perfect Money website.   The money should be available for you to withdraw in just 3 to 5 business days after the transaction had been completed.

You can only withdraw minimum of $100 from your perfect money account via bank transfer. There is however no maximum amount to withdraw. However, you r bank will demand that you open a corporate customer account if the amount you want to withdraw is really huge.

Account verification

You are required to verify your account with perfect money. The account verification process includes name verification, address validation or telephone validation.  Once you verify them, you will be given the “Verified” status on their website.

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  1. Please I mistakenly send money to unknown wrong perfect money account $205. 1398585 is a code that was sent to me to verify my second account in login please how can I refund my money to my account

  2. What can i use to verify my perfect money proof of address in Nigeria? I tried my bank statement and they denied it. What documents did you guys used to verify your own address?

  3. First, Please can I transfer money from my paypal account to perfect money?
    Secondly, please i want to know if i can use my debit card to fund my perfect money account in Nigeria, and how it works in Nigeria. Thank you

    • Hi there, after the registration Perfect Money payment system will send your confidential login details to your email address, do check about it in your email mail box!

    • Hi there, kindly please follow this link to create an account with Perfect Money ->

      Note: This is an official link of Perfect Money and it is not for referral. If the link doesn’t work, try to copy and paste it in your browser.

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  5. please i want to know if i can use my debit card to fund my perfect money account in Nigeria? i want to fund my perfect money account. please i need it it now. i also want to know how it works in Nigeria.

    • Hi there, you may need to find an exchanger that accept debit card as payment method! If you are available to use the TransferWise or Western Union service, you can search trusted exchanger to buy the Perfect Money e-Voucher.

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