Online MBA: How to Enroll From Nigeria

Online MBA: How to Enroll From Nigeria

There is no point in stressing yourself and taking yourself through the rigors of attending brick and mortar higher institutions when you can actually get what you want online. Gone are the days when education was limited to the physical classroom; these days, you can get educated via the internet and right in the comfort of your room.


You can receive bachelor’s degree via the internet; you can also receive master’s degree or MBA online.

Truth of the matter is there is no discrimination between the certificates you receive online and the one given to someone who attended brick and mortar classroom; the schools offering these online programs will never indicate on your certificate that it was obtained online. This is just one of the several benefits of online education.

Are you interested in obtaining MBA degree, but you do not fancy the idea of going to physical classrooms or you do not have the time to spare for that? Not to worry; you can get your MBA certificate right online.

In the online class, you will be given exactly the same learning opportunity like any of the students at the physical classrooms and you will be taken through exactly the same assessment like them. Consequently, you will never be at disadvantage for any reason.

Be that as it may, you need to understand that there is no Nigerian university offering online MBA program. In actual fact, no Nigerian university is offering online education at any level whatsoever.  If you must get your MBA certificate online, then you have to liaise with any of the foreign universities offering those courses.

The certificate you get can compare perfectly with what other Nigerian MBA graduates get. You can present this certificate at job interviews and they will receive the same consideration by employers. This further stresses the fact that online MBA certificate will not put you at disadvantage of any kind.

Universities across the globe are offering MBA degree online. Many of these are in the United Kingdom and there are several others in the United States. You can equally obtain your MBA degree from a number of Indian universities.

Many of the universities are accredited and there is nothing to fear about the value or reliability of the MBA degree they offer you.

What are the other benefits of online MBA?

  • It gives you opportunity to study any time you like for that matter. This flexibility gives you chance to manage other important aspects of your life together with your education without one interfering with the other.
  • It enables you stay at home and earn a degree in your pajamas. No need to hurry into traffic every morning or rush to meet up with lectures. No need to get stressed up under the scorching sun or find yourself in the middle of traffic jam that may last for hours on end. Just stay in your home and learn.
  • You will also not have to pay through the nose when you go for online MBA. It is highly affordable.  Many of the extra fees charged at brick and mortal schools will not be there. Cost of transportation will be removed.  No need to buy textbooks.
  • Learning environment is more comfortable. Learning condition is more flexible and convenient.
  • You will be able to concentrate better, since distractions associated with classrooms will not be there.
  • You will not have to stop your job. You can continue to learn while still working.

Making your choice

In order to make a success out of your online MBA degree program,  there are some very important considerations you must keep in mind. These will be highlighted below.

  • You must visit the school’s website and find out about the quality of service they offer. Read all you can about the program you want to register for and about the general quality of the institution’s online programs. Never take action regarding any information on MBA programs unless you have properly verified such information and the best way to verify is by visiting the institution’s website.
  • Is the school accredited or not? You must find out about this before you register for MBA program with the school. Work only with institutions that are accredited. Aside the institution’s general accreditation, find out also if that particular MBA program you are interested in is equally accredited. You can check with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation to find out about this.
  • Read online reviews about the institution to find out if they are the best for that particular online MBA degree you want to register for on their website. You will be able to benefit from insight given by anyone who had done the same program with that particular institution before.
  • Make sure you contact the school’s authority before you register for the course. Their contact details should be made available on their websites. You can contact them via call, live chat or mail. They should be willing to answer all your questions relating to the MBA course you want to register for.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for online MBA differ from one school to the other. However, some of the general requirements will be considered below:

Most of the institutions offering online MBA require that the applicant possess 4-year undergraduate degree or any of its equivalents in order to be considered for admission. The said degree must also have been received from a duly accredited institution, either in Nigeria or any other country.

Aside the above, applicants possessing professional experience in their desired field of study will have brighter chance of getting admitted. Many students are seeking admission into online MBA degree these days and the institutions offering these courses make sure students are properly screened before they are given admission.

Any student found wanting in any of the essential requirements may not be given admission to study for MBA degree online.

Some schools expect the student to sit for TOEFL. There are also some schools that expect the student to present GRE or GMAT score before being considered for admission.  The student may also be required to submit his/her up-to-date professional resume. Some schools demand for letters of recommendation too.

In most instances, the interview takes place via online video or web conference and this signifies the last stage in the admission process.





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