Mobile Money in Nigeria: How to Get Started


Mobil money business is becoming more and more popular in Nigeria and many more people are going into it already.  People are looking for ways to make money and mobile money has made istle available for the populace to benefit from.

Mobile Money in Nigeria: How to Get Started

Once you start the business, you too will become mobile money agent and you will be able to make huge chunk as profit on regular basis. The business is so interesting that you can make so much to make you quit your day job. Yes, that is how profitable mobile money business can be.

How do you make money?

You make money by getting commission each time that you refer anybody to join the mobile money network or each time you invite anyone to eTranzact. Any time such a person uses eTranzact to transfer money to another person, you will be paid your own commission immediately without any delay whatsoever.

The beauty of this method of money making is that it is available 24/7. This way, your profit will keep in rolling in 24/7.  You will also be paid commission when the person you refer decides to use his phone to send money to his bank account or transfer money from his phone to anyone else. You too will make money anytime you transfer money from your phone to anybody in form of airtime or bank deposit.

What it is all about

eTranzact is one of the many financial organizations in Nigeria and they are only trying to tap into the rich business of mobile money transfer, which is becoming popular across board in Nigeria as internet access increases.

Truth of the matter is that the effort being made by eTranzact is paying off, as they are fast becoming one of the leading companies in Nigerian where money mobile transaction is concerned.  They have even gone an extra mile to build a mobile app called PocketMoni. This app makes it very easy for Nigerians to transfer money from one person to the other via their mobile devices.

One of the outstanding features of this mobile money service created by eTransact is its ease of navigation. It is very easy to navigate and the workings are very easy to understand.  The app is highly functional and highly operational.

Yet another benefit of PocketMoni is that it can work with all internet service providers of any kind, making it possible for the users to transfer money with complete ease. The interface is also seamless and the third party payment schemes introduced into it makes payment very fast and without any hitch whatsoever. This therefore shows the app to be the simple means to make easy money once you are a mobile money agent with eTranzact.

One of the things that give complete assurance on the service is the fact that it is built in line with international standards. Its level of security is something to write home about. The security makes use of 3DES encryption technology, which is enough to boost end users confidence.  The end user is required to also provide a PIN when he wants to log in for improved security to ensure an unauthorized person does not log into the account.

With the help of PocketMoni, end users can transfer money in a cost-effective and secure manner. It is also highly convenient to use.  If you want to send money to your friends, this is the best app to go for. Do you need to buy airtime also? This app will prove helpful. In addition, you can use it to buy airtime of any network.

There is no easier way to pay your bills than by using this app. Do you need to settle your PHCN bills, POSTPAID bills, MyTV monthly subscription, HiTV or DSTV subscription? You can use this app for such transactions and it responds seamlessly.  Furthermore, the app can be used in making cash deposit from one bank account to another.

How it works

All you need to do is to install the application on your mobile phone. After the installation, launch the application and start having great time with it transferring fund from one recipient to another. After launching, you need to first register. This is the point where you set up an account, providing a username and password. These details are required to login to your account anytime.

The app is highly diverse. It can work perfectly on virtually any mobile device, be it android, iOS or Windows Mobile. The installation process is also very fast. In addition, it will not occupy much space on your mobile device.

There is no better way to save money off money transfer than this.  Aside from helping you to save money, the app will also make you extra money. The money will start rolling in once you become a Mobil money agent. The beauty of it is that you will never stop making money from this app. Once the money starts rolling in, it will continuously roll in for your lifetime.

If you are an android phone user, you can easily download the app from Playstore. iOS users can also visit Appstore to make the download. Do not also forget that the app is made available completely free by the service provider and this ensures many more people can easily benefit from this largesse and make extra money for a lifetime.

Many Nigerians are venturing into this business. You must never be left behind for any reason whatsoever. Make sure you too venture into it before too much crowd comes in, which may make the business to be less profitable.

However, there is a very big space for everybody in the business. No matter how early or how late you come in, you will still be able to make your own money and smile to the bank often.

Do not forget that the amount you are able to make increases as the number of people you refer increase.  While the program may be an easy way to make money, it will also require some form of work from you. If you know how to market the program well, you will not have problem making money from it.


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