Management Institutions in Nigeria: The Ultimate List

There are so many management courses in Nigeria and the course are opened for every Nigerian who may desire to obtain professional certificate in management.

The course are opened to all as long as you have the required admission qualification, which may either be your bachelors degree or even secondary school certificate, depending on the particular type of management course you decide to go for.


The courses take different number of years. Some even take months to complete. If you are already employed in a management organization, you can go for any of these courses to further boost your chance of promotion and better pay.

Possessing certificate from these organizations will also increase your chance of getting employed.  In this write-up, you will be enlightened about the various management courses available in Nigeria today.

Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) Lagos

They offer professional diploma courses in management studies. They have their headquarters in Lagos, but they have branches all over Nigeria and their students can get trained in those branches nearest to them. The professional diploma in management course takes 2 years to complete.

They equally offer Post graduate diploma in management course and this one takes only 1 year. Aside the earlier mentioned programs, they also offer Masters in Business Administration to interested students. Their head office is located at Plot 22, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Remoik Training & Consulting Lagos

This is yet another organization in Nigeria that offers management courses. They offer several courses relating to management. As their name implies, they are so into business consulting.

They have top quality training solutions that can help enhance the potentials of the manager and help him/her develop new management skills.  They offer Masters Degree program in management and several other courses.

They have international connections via which their clients can obtain international management certificates.

Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria

They have been around for quite a while now and are known for top quality management programs.  They specialize in strategic leadership and governance.  They have been around since 2003.

They are non-profit organization, and they are non-governmental. Their independence however make them stand out and make them productive, considering the caliber of students they have been able to train.

Metropolitan School of Business & Management, Nigeria     

This is an international management institution with operation in Nigeria. Their trainings do not limit their students to management practice of Nigeria, but they have various branches in various cities across the globe.

Their headquarters is in the UK.  They also have another branch in Dubai. If the truth must be told, this is one of the fastest growing business management schools in the UK, Nigeria and Dubai. They offer both campus and online business management trainings.

International School Of Management, Lagos

This is one of the best schools of management in Nigeria and they have been around for quite a while. They are approved by the Federal Ministry of Education as well as the Lagos state agency of mass education.

They offer various courses to suit the academic and professional needs of individuals interested in their management skills development.  Their programs are available in various areas of business management.  They train their students to be good managers and specialists in the business environment.

Tom Associates

They are among the leading management training institutions in Nigeria of today.  They offer various courses in their institution that everyone interested in business management can participate in.

Some of the course they offer are administrative skills development programs, business management and strategy programmers, computer skills programmers, customer service program, financial management and accounting programmers and many other management programs.

Their trainings are very affordable. These programs are offered at different types of the year and the durations differ. You can visit to find out more.

Institute Of Professional Managers And Administrators Of Nigeria

This is the perfect outlet to visit for your training and re-training in business management.  They provide top class learning environment based on re-training, continued professional train and researches.

They are poised for dissemination, maintenance, development and improvement of business success secrets for their students. They teach their students about ethical principles of management in all aspects of human endeavor.  Their students end up as professionals in their various management practices.  Their website is at

Leadership & management school

They are among the best for various management trainings. They offer various course in their institution, like Building and leading a team, building leadership competencies, improving personal effectiveness and time management, effective writing skills, effective communication skills, assertiveness in the work place, improved interpersonal skills and several other programs.

Some of their training schools include insurance school, leadership & management school, finance school, customer management, energy school, banking school and risk school. You can find out more about their programs at   They are located both in Nigeria and Ghana.

Chartered Institute Of Personal Management of Nigeria

This is yet another top line management training school in Nigeria.  They have been in operation for quite some time and have built a great reputation since then. They were first established in 1968 and they have improved over the years to become a household name in management training.

They offer top class services and they train their students to be creative and responsible in various spheres of management. They tutor their students about team work and professionalism.  They have the objective to promote and also develop science and practice of personal management in every ramification.  You can link them up at

International Facility Management Association

They inculcate professionalism and innovation in their trainings. You can be sure of professional excellence in management. They have successfully established training standards for global professional practice.

They help promote added value of the management profession. They have the expertise to influence the future direction of management profession.  Aside the various trainings they offer, they also offer various development seminars.

They equally offer various empowerment program for their students. Their programs are of different types and they offer their trainings at very affordable rates. The can be visited at



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