List of Security Companies in Abuja

The security of human life is of great importance. In a country like Nigeria with a high level of insecurity in form of terrorism, bandits, kidnappings, many Nigerians have found themselves in need of security services. There are many security companies in Nigeria that offer services to private individuals, companies and even government agencies and parastatals.  Many security companies in Nigeria make use of a wide range of the most advanced security systems, professionally trained guards, latest technologies, methods and equipment.

The importance of security cannot be overemphasized. If you are looking for a security company to handle the security and safety of you and your business, this article covers a list of security firms located in Abuja, the capital city. You can contact and hire any of these companies to meet all your protection needs.

List of Security Companies in Abuja

When looking to hire a security company, these are factors to consider:


The security company you want to hire must be reliable and trustworthy. The company must hold a reputation of keeping confidential and personal information. Reliability is necessary since you will be trusting these ones with your life. Once you are sure that your potential security company is reliable, then you are good to go.

Skills and proficiency
The security guards at the security company should be properly trained and capable of keeping your property and life safer.  You can get to know about the skills and proficiency of any company by checking the history, training schedules, skills and qualifications of their officers and previous security contracts held by the firm.


Ensure you always check for the years of experience held by the firm. It is equally important to check on the previous security projects handled by this company to see if it similar to yours. More experienced firms will charge more money, but sometimes, they also provide better services than newer companies.

Below is a list of services often provided by security companies in Nigeria:

Manned Guards

Vehicle Escorts

Residential Security

Business Security

Industrial Security

Shopping Centres Security

Seaports and Airport Security

Safety Doors

Project Management

List of Security Companies in Abuja, Nigeria

Virgen Global Security Services Ltd

Address: Number 4, 112, Global-Estate, Mbora 2 at Jabi, Abuja

Phone contact: 0813 568 6540

Awake Security Limited

Address: Plot 590, A Close, Victoria Ironsi Crescent, at Gwarinpa, Abuja

Phone contact: 0803 324 4969, 0802 563 2407, 0807 670 4001

Awake Security Limited provides safety and security equipment and solutions in areas such as access control systems, security guards, CCTV monitoring, etc.

Integrity Guards Limited

Address: DBM Plaza, Nouakchott Street at Wuse, Zone 1, Abuja

Phone contact: 08062855669, 08023377880

Spyglass Security Ltd

Address: Hilltop Plaza, Gwani Crescent at Wuse Zone 4, Abuja

Phone contact: 0802 464 4313, 0803 402 3419

Marshall Star Security Service Ltd

Address: Plot 495, Flat 1 Block 1 Behind BIO at Central Business District, Mabushi, Abuja

Infinity Security Services Nig. Ltd

Address: Plot 365, Awolowo way at Jabi, Abuja

Fortress Guards & Security Services Ltd

Address: Block 9, Sunyani Street at Wuse Zone 1, Abuja

Close Watch Security Services Nig. Ltd

Address: Aguiyi Ironsi Shopping Complex at Asokoro, Abuja

Phone contact: 0803 206 7017

Avk Security Services Nig. Ltd

Address: 496A Cassamance Close at Wuse Zone 3, Abuja

Phone contact: 080 2430 7478

Sunborah Security Services

Address: PSuite on Ajose Adeogun Street at Utako, Abuja

Phone contact: +234 803 702 4499, +234 92 911 901

You can find all your security service needs at Sunborah Security. This is to include: security officers, bodyguard services, executive protection services, private investigations, security monitoring systems on-site or remote, and CCTV etc.

Laser Guards Security Services Limited

Address: Danziyal Plaza at Central Business District, Abuja

Phone contact: 0806 546 9030

Provost Guards Security Ltd.

Address: Nwukpabi Plaza at 14 Waziri Ibrahim Cresent, Gudu, Abuja

Phone contact: 0806 864 1007

Phantom Security & Guards Ltd

Phantom Security & Guards Limited is a private security service company that provides manned guard services and other security solutions.

CoTrac Satellite Systems Limited

Address: Number 7, Uyo Crescent at Area 11 Garki, Abuja

Phone contact: 0706 968 9286

This is a leading brand in satellite tracking solutions.  CoTrac Satellite Systems Limited helps in providing 24/7 vehicle tracking control services.

D Track Interbiz Solutions Ltd.

Address: Bartaya Plaza (Behind Southern Fries) at Area 11, Abuja

Phone contact: 0809 595 7575, 0805 222 6206

D Track Interbiz Solutions Ltd is a Subsidiary of Don Prince Global Systems. This company sells all kinds of security products and gadgets such as surveillance cameras, home security, car alarms, etc.

Graylincs Security Services

Address: Hebron Plaza, Opposite Gudu Mart at Gudu District, Abuja

Phone contact: 0803 341 1677, 0809 561 3143

Graylincs Security Services offers well-trained security personnel and a conducive and secure work environment for their clients.

IG Power Technology Ltd.

Address: U.O.O Complex on Obafemi Awolowo Way at Jabi, Abuja

Phone contact: 080 540 4780

IG Power Technology Ltd is involved in the installation of electronic security gadgets and automation solutions such as sensor door, gate automation, baggage scanners and biometric access control.

Kings Guards Nigeria Limited

Address: Plot 698, Zone B3, Off Gidado Idris Road at Wuye, Abuja

Phone contact: 0812 945 1105, 08129451106

Kings Guards Nigeria Limited provides security services via the following means: provision of security guards, guard dogs, security equipment, vulnerability assessment, VIP protection, maritime security, armored vehicles etc.

Kougar Solutions and Allied Services

Address: Dunes Center on Aguiyi Ironsi Street at Maitama, Abuja

Phone contact: 0809 552 2886

Kougar Solutions and Allied Services provides advanced security technology.

Mitobi Integrated Services Ltd.

Address: Intercontinental Plaza at Wuse, Zone 3, Abuja

Phone contact: 0803 313 3950, 0803 341 4280

Mitobi Integrated Services Limited is a security company based in Abuja that specializes in providing electronic security solutions to its clients.

Tagged Technologies Limited

Address: GF-10 Plot 1217, Nkwere Crescent at Area 11, Garki, Abuja

Phone contact: 0817 474 3777, 09-2901453

Tagged Technologies Limited specializes in providing IT security technology solutions. This includes biometric solutions, mobile and desktop application development and other consumer security solutions

Westminster Security Solutions Nigeria Ltd.

Address: Number 2B Batna Close at Wuse Zone 2, Abuja

Phone contact: 0807 939 4269, 0814 698 2123

Westminster Security Solutions Nigeria Limited provides services in the design, supply and sales of fire, safety, security and defence solutions.

Alfasine Security & System Limited

Address: Shopping Complex at Zone 6, Wuse, Abuja

Phone contact: 09-5236081

Alfasine Security & System Limited is a security company based in Abuja deals with provision of security equipment, security services, alarm and other security systems.

Chuhenchu Security Company Limited

Address: Block B55, at Raji Raski Close, Apo, Abuja

Phone contact: 0803 3126 437, 0805 715 4658

Chuhenchu Security Company Limited provides security equipment, security services, alarm and security system in Abuja.

Deepcover Guards Limited

Address: Number 12, Army Post Housing Estate at Dutse Alhaji, Abuja

Phone contact: 0703 189 8838, 0809 506 5400

Deepcover Guards Limited provides security services such as private security guards, sales of security equipment and training of individuals.

Diamond Security Holdings

Address: Plot 734 on Kade Street, Along Banex Plaza at Wuse 2, Abuja

Phone contact: 0808 180 9975, 0806 900 7179

Diamond Security Holdings offers security services on security training, fire protection system, electronic intelligence and installation of CCTV Systems in Abuja.

Digital Forensics Limited

Address: Shop B5, Kado Housing Estate at Kado, Abuja

Phone contact: 07068866999, 08179506777

Digital Forensics Limited is located in Kado, Abuja.

L’Anubis Limited

Address: Silla-Zeka Plaza at 29 Adebayo Adedeji Crescent, Utako, Abuja, Nigeria

Phone contact: 0704 516 2868, 0803 774 0011, 09-4811165

L’Anubis Limited provides services on security training, fire protection system, electronic intelligence and installation of CCTV Systems in Abuja.

Motion Shield Security Services

Address: Cabana suites, Sheraton Hotel at Zone 4, Abuja

Phone contact: 0803 305 2353, 0803 608 6025

Motion Shield Security Services is a security company that specializes in the provision of security guards, security consultancy, security gadgets, escort services and security training.

Pinnacle Investments Limited

Number 4, Charles De Gaulle Street at Asokoro, Abuja

Phone contact: 0805 555 6600, 0805 511 4455

Pinnacle Investments Limited offers services on sales of security equipment, alarm and security system and security consultancy services in Abuja.

Profile Security Services

Address: Number 9, Bozoun Close at Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Phone contact: 0708 159 9915, 0803 609 3265, 09 523 5152

Profile Security Services is a security services company in Abuja that offers security services for residential homes and organizations.

Secmek Security System Limited

Address: Commerce Plaza at Area 1, Garki, Abuja

Phone contact: 0807 777 7412, 0802 223 8721, 07063100866

Secmek Security System Limited offers security training, fire protection system, electronic intelligence, installation of CCTV Systems and other security services in Abuja.

Strike Force Securities Limited

Address: Plot 17 at Yakubu Gowon Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja

Phone contact: 09-2344889

Strike Force Securities Limited is a security company based in Abuja that aims to provide world-class security services in Nigeria.

Usuma Consulting

Address: Kiss FM Building at Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Phone contact: 0805 585 5855

Usuma Consulting consists of a team of ex-law enforcement and military officers that provide cost-effective security services in Abuja.

Dogman K9

Address: Dogman Kennel, Off Airport Road at Galadimawa, Abuja

Halogen Security Company Limited

Address: Number 16, Mafemi Street, Utako Abuja

Halogen Security Company Limited has been in the business of providing world-class security solutions for more than two decades. The company is reputable for the use of globally accepted standards and industry best practices.

e-Solutions Ltd

Address: Plot 741, Aminu Kano Crescent at Wuse 2, AbujaAbuja

Klizlu Compsec Nigeria Limited

Address: Number 21, Blantyre Street, Off A.A.C Way at Wuse 2, Abuja

Yima Technologies

Address: Murg Plaza at Area 10, Garki

Excellentec Nigeria Limited

Address: Number 6, City College Road at Karu, Abuja

Excellentec Nigeria Limited is a Security System Company that provides physical/electronic security and communication system solution to clients from its base in Abuja.

Off-Field Concepts Ltd.

Address: Constitution Avenue at Central Business District, Abuja

Off-field concepts Limited provides home automation and security systems

Delion Global Services Ltd

Address: Suite 60, Efab Mall at Garki , Abuja

Sunborah Security Company

Address: Befs Plaza on number 21, Ajose Adeogun Street at Utako District, Abuja

Sunborah Security provides all security services such as security officers, bodyguard services, executive protection services, private investigations, security monitoring, etc.

ZEIGS Security

Address: Dansville Plaza at David Ejoor Crescent at Apo Gudu District, Abuja

FCT AMAC, Apo Roundabout at Gudu, Abuja

Tzone Communications Limited

Address: Number 5, Abak Close at Garki Area 3, Abuja

Quick Secure Limited

Address: Number 28, Kitiwe Street at Wuse Zone 4, Abuja

Knight Security Services

Address: Number 28 Tai Solarin street at 5th avenue, Gwarinpa, Abuja

Ninija Electric Limited

Address: Gostu Plaza at First Avenue Gwarinpa, Abuja

Dom-stal Safety Equipment Nig. Ltd

Address: Commerce Plaza, Behind Old Secretariat at Area 1, Garki, Abuja

Dom-stal Safety Equipment Nig. Ltd is involved in the sales and installation of all security equipment and radio communication

PureWeb Securities Ltd.

Address: Suite 175, Umaru Faruk Block at Garki International Market, Garki 2, Abuja

Syncro Digital

Address: FMBN Building at Central Area FCT, Abuja

Syncro Digital specializes in consulting, contracting, ITC, and security.


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