List of Local Governments in Benue State


Benue State was created on the 3rd of February 1976 by the regime of late General Murtala Mohammed in 1976. It was one of the newly created states which increased the number of states in the federation from twelve to nineteen. The name ‘Benue’ derives its name from the River Benue, which is the second-largest river in the country.

Benue state is often referred to as the “Food Basket of the Nation” because of the vast agricultural produce in the state. Benue state is the largest producer of Soybean, fruit concentrate and cassava in Nigeria. Below is a list of local government areas in Benue state.

List of Local Governments in Benue State

List of Local Governments in Benue State


Ado local government area was created in 1991. It is one of the 9 local government areas located in the southern senatorial zone. Ado local government is mainly occupied by the Idoma and Igbo tribe of Benue State. The administrative headquarters of the local government are at Igumale. The local government contains mineral and natural resources such as limestone, kaolin, petroleum and coal in commercial quantities. It is also a historical town. Ado is one of the first areas in Idoma to have contact with European missionaries. It, therefore, has the first missionary school in the Idoma area called Methodist High School, Igumale. Igumale is also the location of the Benue state cement factory. Ado is also known for its rich agricultural soil. The area is renowned for the production of large sized yam tubers, oranges and sweet palm wine.


Agatu is a Local Government Area of Benue State that was created in 1996. The headquarters of Agatu local government is at Obagaji. It is also situated in the southern senatorial zone which is mainly occupied by the Idoma people. The major occupation of inhabitants of Agatu is farming.


Apa local government area was first created on the 23rd of March 1981. However, it became defunct on the 31st of December 1983. It was later re-created in August, 1991. Apa is located in the northwestern part of Makurdi, the capital city of Benue State. The local government shares boundaries with Agatu local government to its North, Gwer West to its West, Otukpo to its South and Omala in Kogi state to its West. Apa has a population of about 100,000 people. The residents are majorly Idoma people and a few Igalas. There is also an abundance of mineral resources and agricultural products.


The headquarters of Buruku local government are in the town of Buruku. According to the 2006 census, Buruku has a population of 203,721. The inhabitants of the local government are engaged majorly in food crop and livestock production. The postal code of the area is 981


Gboko is a fast- developing town in Benue State. The population of the town is over 500,000. The inhabitants are mostly Tiv. Gboko is also home to make educational institutions such as University of Mkar and FIDEI Polytechnic


The headquarters of Guma are in the town of Gbajimba. It has a population of 191,599 according to the 2006 census.

Gwer East

The headquarters of Gwer East is in the town of Aliade. According to the 2006 census, the area has a population of 163,647. The postal code of the area is 971.

Gwer West

The headquarters of Gwer West is in Naka town. According to the 2006 population census, the area has a population of 122,145. The postal code of the area is also 971


The headquarters of Katsina-Ala are in the town of Katsina-Ala. The local government is also the location of an important archeological site where artifacts of the Nok culture were found in the middle of the twentieth century. These artifacts included realistic representations of human heads, some animals, and parts of larger statues.


Konshisha has Its headquarters are in the town of Tse-Agberagba. According to the 2006 census, the area has a population of 225,672.


The headquarters of Kwande are in the town of Adikpo.


The headquarters of Logo are in the town of Ugba. According to the 2006 census, the area has a population of 169,063.


Markurdi is the capital of Benue State, Nigeria. The city is located in the Middle Belt along the Benue River. In 2007, Makurdi had an estimated population of 500,797. Makurdi is home to institutions such as the Benue State University, University of Agriculture Makurdi and Nigeria Army School of Military Engineering, Makurdi.


Obi is both a town and local government area.


Ogbadibo has three districts namely: Orokam, Owukpa, and Otukpa. The Local Government’s headquarters is located in Otukpa Town. According to the 2006 census, the LGA has a population of 128,707.


The headquarters of Ohimini is in the town of Idekpa-Okpiko. Ohimini was created out of the present Otukpo Local Government and four other local government councils in December 1996. The local government was created by the military regime of General Sani Abacha. According to the census of 2006, the area has a population of 71,482.

Oju local government


Okpokwu has its headquarters in the town of Okpoga which is situated in the south of the area. Benue State Polytechnic is also located in the town of Ugbokolo in the LGA. According to the 2006 census, Oju local government has a population of 176,647.


Otukpo is a town and local government area located in the Middle Belt Region. Otukpo town is the headquarters of the Otukpo Local Government Area. The town used to be the headquarters of the former Idoma Province. The area is majorly inhabited by Idoma people. Although there are numerous local dialects spoken in areas of Idoma land, Otukpo Idoma language is the main language spoken.


The headquarters of Tarka are in the town of Wannune. According to the census of 2006, Tarka has a population of 79,494.


Ukum has a population of 216,930 at the 2006 census.


The headquarters of Ushongo are in the town of Lessel. According to the 2006 census, Ushongo has a population of 188,341.


Vandeikya is located in the South-Eastern part of Benue State.

Vandeikya LGA was carved out of Gboko Local government council in 1976. The major inhabitants of Vandeikya is the Tiv people who speak the Tiv language.






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