Entrepreneurship training in Nigeria: How and Where to Enroll

If you’re looking to enroll for an entrepreneurship training in Nigeria, read on to learn all you need to know.

It is the 21st century and the whole world is crazy about entrepreneurship. Teachers, pastors, parents and guardians all seem to preach entrepreneurship this days but little is said about entrepreneurship training, how to get one and where to get one.

This article intends to bridge the gap that has impeded the desire for entrepreneurship from growing in the today’s youth by providing useful information about entrepreneurship training.

What is Entrepreneurship and why do you need Entrepreneurship training?

In one word, entrepreneurship training is leadership training! John D. Rockefeller described entrepreneurship as “…striking out on new paths, rather than travelling the worn paths of accepted success”. Thus, we can describe entrepreneurship training simply as the act of training leaders in business, innovation and enterprise.

Formally, entrepreneurship is the willingness to take risks and develop, organize and manage a business venture in a competitive global marketplace that is constantly evolving.

It is important to emphasize how closely tied entrepreneurship is to risk. The formal definition essentially tags entrepreneurship as “the willingness to take risk…” as such; people don’t succeed in entrepreneurship if they just jump into it without the necessary training for risk assessment. By the way, even gamblers get trained.

What can you expect from Entrepreneurship Training?

Before we begin, let us establish one basic truth: entrepreneurship cannot be taught! This is because entrepreneurship is closely tied to risk taking and that is rather a congenital trait than a learnt skill.

What you will learn in any entrepreneurship training will be the skills that are necessary for an entrepreneur to have. These skills may include: idea brainstorming, problem identification, problem breakdown and proffering solutions to problems.

That been said, there are several courses that have been design in and out of formal education here in Nigeria to get youths and students to start thinking about entrepreneurship.

Most times, these courses are engineered to show students and out-of-school-youth that they can create a future of their own rather than wait on the government for employment opportunities. As such the curriculum is designed to get the people taking the class to notice business opportunities around them and sometimes provide the starting capital for any proposed business idea.

How and where to enroll for Entrepreneurship Training

If you are interested in getting entrepreneurship training in Nigeria, then you have to keep your ears down to the vibe and trend on the internet. Apart from well known forums, there are tons of other formal and informal trainings and seminars that happen on a daily basis. One place that will keep you in touch with these seminars is The Nigerian Seminar and Trainings website. On this website, you will find information about any ongoing or upcoming training in your location and enroll for the training right there on the website.

Other notable site:

If you decide to take some of these programs, you may be attached directly to a mentor who will train you. That brings me to this observation and conclusion: For years, the Igbos honed their entrepreneurship skills by direct observation of how MADE entrepreneurs handle their business. Direct observation may therefore be the best way of obtaining the quality entrepreneurship training that you desire.

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